Friday, June 18, 2010

A Postcard from Tuscany

Take a little trip with me on this lovely Friday afternoon.

Despite all attempts of eloquence and description, I find that mere words seem to fall short in captivating the depth of feelings, tastes, sounds, and flavors that envelop Tuscany. This treasure is just as beautiful as its name—the way it rolls off your tongue and triggers your memory. The way it allows your eyes and soul to connect, and where the imagination is always at work...

Amongst this week’s discoveries was the incredible historical hotel featured above, entitled Relais La Suvera, located near the crust of Tuscany. Its vast grounds boast a grand accommodation, (complete with a museum, sharing stories and tokens from its past inhabitants) a church, an event coordinator, informal and formal gardens, and many little surprises. My first thought? With everything you might need at your fingertips, what an incredibly romantic and beautiful place this would be to be married. While delving through an array of wedding gowns, all that is left to do is select the perfect dress and send out invitations to your loved ones and closest friends.

Your vows mark the beginning of a wonderful new journey, and what an incredible backdrop for it to begin with. One that truly speaks the language of lovers, with warmth and invitation at every twist and turn… Touring through Tuscany is like walking into a live and open postcard—except you get to fill in the back as you go…

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  1. very Italian Renaissance... love it, thanks for posting these gorgeous beauties Sarah! And thank you so so much for all your lovely comments, you always make my day
    have a lovely weekend xoxo

  2. Beautiful Sarah! Ahhhh you always transport me away somewhere.... I love it! Wonderful posts this week all around! Hope the Netfirms thing gets fixed for you, have a good weekend!

  3. I've alway wanted to visit Tuscany.. One day!
    It is gorgeous! It feels like no matter where you look, something will captivate you.

  4. this post is so wonderful! that third image is splendid.


    xo Alison

  5. Ooo the word that kept coming up was...bliss!

  6. Meu Deus... Que cenas divinas!!! Como eu queria estar dentro destas belas imagens...
    Parabéns, muito lindo!

    My God ... What scenes divine! I wish I was inside these beautiful images ...
    Congratulations, very beautiful!

    Uska Hope

  7. I am in awe! This post and all others this week for that matter are absolutely gorgeous. You deserve an award for such great dedication to your blog! YOU SPOIL US AND I THANK YOU FOR THAT! Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend, Sarah.

    All the very best, Linda xoxo

  8. Awesome!
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  9. You put your posts so beautifully together Sarah! Thank you. xoxo

  10. A beautiful post...makes me want to get married all over again...checked out the gowns link...they are so beautiful it would be hard to decide which one to choose, and the flower girl dresses are so beautiful, not run of the mill...I was especially drawn to the ones in grey...going to check out the rest of their site...

  11. oh wow. married already - but i don't feel like i need any excuse to want to visit this spot. must. go. to. europe. soon. thanks for sharing this lovely location - i'm bookmarking it. hope your weekend is wonderful!

  12. Amazing photo journal of Tuscany. Thank you for looks heavenly. Your posts are very inspiring and I look forward to them daily.

  13. Sarah a dream come true and the images just draw one right in! I wish I could have been there!

    Art by Karena

  14. I'm in agreement with everyone else... these images are beautiful. And I'm curious about the second one. Is that a cover for a fountain? Or a giant birdcage? Whatever it is, it's gorgeous!

  15. Dana -- thank you so much!

    Adrienne -- I'm not too sure, but think it must be a cover for the pond/fountain area... I think it might also have some form of netting, as well. It's so beautiful, isn't it?!

  16. Such a beautiful place dear Sarah..."One day I'll fly away..." and sure I will stop by here :-)

    Sorry I haven't stop by earlier dear Sarah, but I think I'll slow down with my online life /including my blog/ a little bit for the summer. There is so much going on in my life right now and I have a lot to do...Will come and visit you by the way as much as I can cause I adore your posts.

    Much love: Evi

  17. Miss Evi -- no problem! I completely understand how it can be :) xoxo

  18. ....speechless!! Another fabulous post!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and you are getting ready for a great week!! Summer is here!!!

  19. Oh Sarah, i wish i was there for the weekend. :/

  20. Oh Sarah this is just dreamy! I'm remembering my days in Tuscany and just wishing I was there right this moment. Hope you had a fantastic weekend! xoxo

  21. The Alternative Wife -- oh, you're so lucky! :)

  22. So beautiful.

    In my younger (and wilder!) days I spent 3 months in Firenze with the goal to learn Italian (did not happen, I shared an apartment with 2 party girls from Paris and 1 from Amsterdam!). On my life must-do-list is still "being able to speak Italian fluently". I love absolutely everything about that beautiful country and the people.

    This gorgeous and magical hotel in Tuscany, is no exception!

    Thinking of you. You are the best!

    ox, Mon

  23. gorgeous place! i got married in tuscany - turned out to a completely innappropriate person, but never the less, the wedding was lovely! : )


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