Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Anthropologie, July

Sweet subjects and objects—July 2010 Anthropologie.

Oh my... on the tip of and looking ahead into early Fall collections, it seems, but still falling into Summer, this flower–hued photoshoot is surely one of my new favorites! The romantic layers are so perfect. I'm especially loving the first top shown: "Early fall winds cool sumptuous silk ruffles and a still-sweet rosette. By Floreat." So pretty with loose curls and simple pants, don't you think? But then, there's that great military inspired, pretty jacket in the last photo, that is so on–trend... hmm, what to buy?

Of note: today, I am a guest on Sarah's blog, Walking Around Where the Sidewalk Begins, sharing my signature beach look! There are a few others who have contributed to the series so far—click here to see...

( images: Anthropologie )


  1. sometimes I wish I hated Anthro, but how can it be even possible?
    Going to check out your guest post now xoxo

  2. the colors. the ruffles. so feminine so gorgeous! love.

  3. It almost makes Fall exciting, doesn't it? :)

  4. i just got this catalog this week in the mail.
    haven't had a chance to enjoy yet though! :( this is a great preview! :)

  5. The colours makes me think of that very special crisp and cool autumn air... I love the very first picture, so delicate and lady-like.


    P.S. adore the new header.

  6. Love this, so romantic and gorgeous.


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