Thursday, April 1, 2010

Welcome, April*

April showers bring May flowers.

The earth warms, the air softens, and sweet little signs of life are slowly but surely being revealed...isn't Spring the most beautiful time of year? I just love it so! It's the time to enjoy even the tiniest signs of renewal. The time to appreciate the wonderful gift of nature...

I wish you all a beautiful start to the new month!

( photography by Minh & Wass )


  1. Thank you Sarah! These flowers are so lovely and it's so true, my roses are in bloom and I just like to sit and look at them!

    Hope you have been having a good week!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. Oh my..these images are soooooo beautiful! I just love pink..takes me to a happy place :-)

  3. So uplifting Sarah. I can hardly wait to see colour in my garden this year. I love April, I get to plan my outdoor work but not actaully do it yet. Hope you have some delicious chocolate bunnies this weekend. XO

  4. Spring is so refreshing. Its like all the blooms and buds are God's way of saying "Congratulations on making it through winter." Happy Easter.

  5. Miz.November -- I love that! Happy Easter :)

  6. I love spring, especially when the gardening is done and everything's coming up...I know it's spring when my magnolia blooms :) Happy Spring and an especially Happy Easter

  7. can hardly believe it's april already -- march flew by so quickly! all the trees are budding and there's such happiness and sunlight in the air -- happy april to you, sarah!

  8. It did, didn't it? It feels like mid March still! Happy April :)


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