Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Happy Monday, and welcome to a fresh, new week!

The immediate *sigh* that inevitably follows the finale of Spring cleaning makes the somewhat tedious process and work all worth while! After spending a bit of my Sunday afternoon sorting through clothing, jewelry, shoes and handbags, I now have a very organized wardrobe, heading into Spring and Summer months. I said my goodbyes to nine pairs of shoes that have served me well, and farewell to six handbags that have been never been used/untouched for six+ months...they are soon to be headed to El Salvador, and to people that will use and love them...

Don't you just love Spring cleaning? I find it offers such clarity as to what might be missing in my wardrobe, and helps me to organize new ideas for outfits in my mind. It's all about organization and easy access. What about you? Have you done your Spring cleaning/re—organization? Are you too in need/want of some pieces? Pick up this month's fresh looking Real Simple magazine for some great cleaning solutions and tips. From all of this, I realize:

* I need basic tees in grey and one pastel
* I need a soft, Spring sweater
* I need a striped top
* I need skinny white jeans
* I need a camel and/or military jacket
* and...I do not need any more black!

p.s / A Mother's Day post tomorrow...

( Cecile Cassel images via Dress Design & Decor, + link / image 02 link / image 03 link / image 05 link / image 06 link )


  1. I totally know what you meant about black! I have so much of it! I really want to go shopping now! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh what a beautiful post...I do love those Miu Miu fun!

    Sounds like you have done so well with your cleanout, mmm think I may need to read Real Simple for those handy tips! I feel great when it is done though and you are right, it does give clarity.

    beautiful day honey,

  3. Perfect skinny white jeans are really hard to find I've come to realise! You've reignited my desire for a Sophia Coppola bag, the leather just looks incredibly luxurious...of course, a MiuMiu shoe will do too!

  4. what a great feeling! it's so sweet of you to donate your used accessories to those in need. i love the real simple tips you posted too — you'll have to keep us posted on your spring shopping!

  5. this post makes me want to skip the rest of work and tear through my own closet! And buy some skinny white jeans!

  6. C — that is sooo true. Too loose? Yuck! Too tight? Even more yuck! They have to fit and sit just so...I'll let you know how these ones turn out to be.

    Design Darling — I certainly will :)

  7. Oh, you are funny! Come and organize my closet as well. Some good classics mixed with some rather scary things! (:

    A military jacket is on my wish list too. Would love to go shopping with you, dear!

    Happy new week! ox Mon

  8. Love your list - so many items are on my list also. Top of the list - white skinny jeans to wear with everything this summer.

  9. Hi Sarah!
    Oooh, beautiful pictures! Love'em!
    xoxo alice

  10. Mon -- I wish we could go shopping as well!

  11. Dear Sarah,
    If you plan to clean up, can I have the black pair of shoes on the second raw, on the right please! (haha)

  12. love that military jacket! great list :)

  13. oh these photos....they make me wanna shop. BAD! happy monday to you! :)

  14. ooo - I did a bunch of Spring cleaning too, but I still need to tackle my "what i need for Spring/Summer" shopping list. I too realized I clearly don't need ANYMORE black, lol. It is such a staple in my closet, it will be rough not to purchase it!

    I am looking for a good military jacket too! Let us know if you find a good one. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

    Bre @

  15. happy Monday to u too Sarah! haven't done any spring cleaning yet...soon!

  16. I will be honest, I really hate cleaning out my closet. It is always takes a week or two and I am always too sensitive to let go of anything :(

    p.s. I need your entire list as well :P


  17. Greet -- aren't they lovely? Classic and might need them :)

  18. I love all of your wardrobe essentials! You have inspired me to have a big clean out of my closet, you must feel incredibly refreshed to have gotten rid of 9 pairs of shoes & 6 handbags!

  19. I love spring cleaning! It's such a refreshing and rejuvenating process. Staring at your images I just wanna start my cleaning project right away...:-)

    Hope you're having a great week so far...cheers: Evi

  20. sounds fantastic -- still haven't had a chance to brave the abyss that is the back of my closet, but will need to move all the flirty white things to the front and all the cashmere to the back soon...


  21. Lovely images! Since there isn't a drastic change of seasons where I live, I don't do extensive spring cleaning. For me, I did do one thing, which was to cut off the top of a dress, that was becoming too cumbersome, so now it's a skirt. Saved me money from buying something new.

    White jeans that are flattering are so hard to find! I look every summer.

  22. TIG -- haha! That is too funny...

    -h -- nice! I like that idea...

  23. Haven't lived in this place long enough to need to Spring Clean! And I'm a quite organized person so I won't need to do a large haul this Spring..but yes I feel amazing after doing one! hee hee :)


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