Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Floaty, Ethereal Couture

I want to frame them all.

Incredible, irresistible, luxurious fabrics...pleated, twisted, tied, ruffled, and stitched to perfection. Beautiful Giedre Dukauskaitecaptured by John Lindquist. And with designs from Viktor & Rolf, D&G, Versace and others, this feature is sure to stop the heart!

( p/s This model looks so much like a friend of mine, it's scary! )
( images: Fashion Gone Rogue / Vogue Turkey, March 2010 )


  1. Give me those shoes and that ruffly dress! Love this ethereal look, hair and all!

  2. I love this, as usual :) Those shoes are right up my alley!

  3. Beautiful fabrics/photos, Sarah! Thank you for your comments - I loved your Princess & the Pea story!! It's so great to receive interesting and significant comments in a post. And P.S. isn't it SO freaky when you see a stranger that looks like your friend/family member? If your friend looks like this model, she is absolutely gorgeous! ! !



  4. Caroline -- Isn't that true? I adore that post of yours.

    Also, my friend was quite the model actually, until she had children...it's funny, photo 01 and 02 really, really look like her!

  5. So true, so gorgeous. I particularly like everything about the last. Hope your week has been good dear. x

  6. The soft pink dress is just so feminine and gorgeous.

  7. Am I in heaven? It's incredibly gorgeous! I bet the first one is from Viktor & Rolf :-)They are my favorites!

    I was so happy for your comments today dear Sarah! Thanks a lot.

    Hope you having a lovely week, cheers: Evi

  8. The first dress is stunning! looks a lot like Victor sand Rolf!

  9. It is dreamy and perfect as always Sarah. XO

  10. that burberry jacket in the pale deep green..be still my beating heart! The Viktor & Rolf dress is absurd in real life, but looks great in an editorial

  11. Destination Inspiration -- I agree! The Burberry is my favorite of all, I think. It looks so soft and lovely :)


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