Friday, March 5, 2010

The Warmth of Apricot

Are you too craving some serious sunshine?

Spring is certainly on it's way, and while we've had some moments of sunshine, there are still a few remaining days of winter to endure. I don't know about you, but my productivity seems to rise substantially while the sun is out and days are longer. Though, I find a great way to spark quite a similar uplifting feeling is by incorporating lively, warm colors into your homelike this gorgeous apricot. Even a simple bouquet of apricot roses might do the trick. Isn't it delicious?

Nearly orange, but slightly more on the yellow side, with a a bit of a soft finish. Often seen in Southern France and neighbouring Italian regions, you will notice it on quite a few surfaces: interior plastered walls, exteriors walls, pots, tableware, artwork, and textiles, to name a few. It is quite a rich color, and seems to show off well paired up with a myriad of greys and creams, as seen above...though equally stunning against bits of gold, red, purple, and blue. (its complementary color) Would you ever incorporate this color into your own home?

I believe I first fell for this color while watching "Under the Tuscan Sun", starring the charming Diane Lane. Much of the walls in her new-found home in Italy and even her fashion pieces, were in shades of apricot...a reminder of Spring and Summer days, and enduring sunshine that is so gentle, lovely and comforting as it hits the shoulders...

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* A beautiful quote + imagery
...and, lovely intricate, detail work


Thank you so much for stopping by this week and for your nice comments!
I hope you have a wonderful, inspired weekend, xo

*This post was created for my Mom, who
loves apricot, and whose French heritage and style inspires me daily.

(image 01 Luxury Culture/ images 02, 03
link /images 04, 06, 07 David Arias /image 05 Christian Sarramon/
image 08 scanned from Victoria magazine/image 09 Designer's Guild/ image 10 Christian Sarramon)


  1. Hi Sara
    Ohhh just beautiful!! I love #5,so warm,so calm.It's a great post.
    Have a nice weekend,

  2. I think YOU are so inspiring! And I LOVE Diane Lane... she is so naturally beautiful. And now I think I may watch Under the Tuscan Sun again. Great collection of photos... spring is on the way!!


  3. Hi Sarah...great photos. Love to see how the gray cabinet works with a warm palate. Takes a deft hand to work warm and cool together. Beautiful images, happy weekend. Trish

  4. OK. I love this! I always thought Diane looked stunning in that colour at the end of the movie... and it's such a gorgeous shade in french and italian decor... have a great weekend Sarah!

  5. This makes me think of that Keanu Reeves movie. Was it called A Walk in the Clouds? Maybe. I think you just inspired a whole lot of people to watch Under the Tuscan Sun this weekend. :)

    Have a great one.

  6. will be watching Under the Tuscan Sun again ;) and thanks for the much needed inspiration...beautiful!

  7. While I'm not craving sunshine here in the tropics, I do find this color quite warm and inviting. It's a very Mediterranean color.

  8. and thank you so much, I just saw the footnote...funny I was thinking how much you inspired me this past week...

  9. I got a bit overzealous today and wore very spring-like clothing: a tunic, jeans and sandals. So it's not even 60 degrees here....yeah...not so smart!

    Have a great weekend, Sarah!

  10. Ooo my darling, I adore this post, one of my fav's for sure. The colors are amazing, giving me such inspiration.

    Have a beautiful weekend,
    ps mmm may have to dig that movie out!

  11. I'm all about the first and the last photos - I love those mediterranean gardens with rough walls and pebbled patios.

  12. Lovely post Sarah - and thanks for your sweet comment at Sanity Fair! I adore apricot. I never really noticed it until a few years ago, but it's become one of my signature colors. It's warm enough for summer, but pairs well with browns and greys in winter - without being too blah! But I have to admit, I'm so ready to break out close cousin orange and celebrate some summer!

  13. Beautiful pictures! apricot really is a wonderful color esp for late spring and summer

  14. Craving for sunshine...I so enjoyed the book and movie..I just finished her second book, no near as entertaining as Under The Tuscan su..
    Have a great week end, Francine

  15. This is a nice colour to incorporate into the home.

    Im also happy spring is right around the corner :)

  16. Sarah - this is a beautiful, beautiful post! The images work so well together. Have always loved firey golden roses, such a beautiful rich shade.

    Also looking forward to Steve and Alec hosting the Oscars, and curious as to what silly things those two will likely come up with! Will be having a little mini soiree at home (and of course, popcorn will be served!)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  17. Miz.November -- you're right! What a great movie, too. Such an incredible story.

  18. Craving for some sunshine? Seriously.
    We've got way too much sunshine here in Indonesia. I love rainy days instead :P

    But all the colors of apricot do make my heart long for some warmth. Pretty post!

  19. I love that you dedicated your post to your Mum Sarah, totally lovely. And I'm feeling these Spring hues completely!

  20. Thanks, DI -- Mom and I are super duper close!
    More best friends than Mother and daughter :)

  21. Hi Sarah! These images are inviting spring to come a little sooner :) I adore the orange roses on the romantic..

    Thanks a bunch for visiting my blog. Always love reading your comments :) Good Day!

  22. Beautiful images! I love apricot. It is actually a color I look good in. Love the rooms you chose.
    Paula Grace ~

  23. Sarah, that's so beautiful to hear you say that! Me and my Mum and tight as can be too, it's hard living so far away! Definitely best friends :)

  24. These are great photos...the last one is my favorite :D


  25. Paula Grace -- I bet you do!

    Polished Sense -- thanks.

  26. Mmmm, these photos warmed me right up Sarah! It's cold and overcast so it was just the perfect pick me up! Apricot was my favorite color back when I was 15, I even had my room decorated in apricot floral (which at the time I thought was so much more sophisticated than pink) and it's been awhile since I've revisited it, but it is such a lovely happy shade. Thank you btw for your lovely birthday wishes--hoping you're having a sweet Monday!

    xo Mary Jo

  27. i loved this post on so many levels!

    1. i now know what to expect for my travels to italy and the south of france in april and may.

    2. two words: apricot roses.

    3. you including diane lane! i so often forget what a phenomenal source of inspiration cinematography can be and this was the perfect reminder. she is gorgeous and that house... i'll stop now but i just wanted to let you know this hit a soft spot!

  28. So lovely & warm! I have for years been using apricot, orange and rust as accent colors in my living room (work better than red for me) and I find that the colors work well in both traditional and contemporary rooms. (And together with gray!) Happy new week to you dear Sarah.

    And say hello to Mom! She is very lucky to have you. But I am sure it works both ways (:

    Hug, Mon

  29. Mon, you are so sweet :) It does not surprise me in the least that you would have this color in your home! Thanks for your sweet comments!


  30. so pretty -- adore the roses and the cozy image beneath them -- our place is filled with roses at the moment and it's pure heaven


  31. One of my fave movies, makes me want to drop everything and run to Italy.

  32. An amazing colour, perfect for spring! Makes me crave sunshine (+ a tan)!


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