Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Take a Trip to Paris

The City of Lights and Love.

These exquisite photos have been captured by Rowell Photography, a new-to-me photography studio, located in Ontario. I cannot get over how breathtakingly powerful and majestic these areI would love to frame them. This talented team is comprised of two award-winning photographers, who have traveled all over Canada, England, France, Czech Republic, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, capturing wonderful moments of fun, couples in love, and special occasions... they have such an array of lovely work...

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( images courtesy of Rowell Photography )


  1. Absolutely perfect... both the images and the city :) I can't wait to go there!


  2. Oh Sarah, you always have me drifting off to Paris, I love it! Great photos... and from Ontario too :)

  3. Ohh!!!Wonderfull photos Sarah.Tomorrow. I will go for 4 days.

    Au revoir ma cherie,


  4. Oh Sarah, you have me dreaming....these are just amazing...thank you.

  5. Desde my Ventana - Oooo! Hope you have a wonderful time! :)

  6. Daniella -- you always have me dreaming as well :)

  7. oh wow, this shoot brings back fond memories.

    On our fist trip home to Cameroon, my husband (fiance at the time), had never been out of the U.S. We had a 9 hour layover in Paris, so I decided I had to show him Paris. We put on our sneakers, got a map from the airport, hoped on the train and walk around the city. That's right, for 7 straight hours from 9pm to 4am, we walked around the empty streets of Paris, visiting as many closed landmarks as we could, including the Louvre. THere's something romantic about looking through windows and doors (after hours) in the midnight sky. By the time we got to the eiffel tower, the very last lift had gone up five minutes prior. Our disappointment was short lived, when the conductor, decided to not only make an exception, but give us a 45 minute lift with his own acappella rendition of Edith Piaf.

    Great Post, Sarah.
    Happy Spring,
    Fri @ Wedding Nouveau

    ps: sorry for the long comment...sometimes, memories just spew out.

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  9. Oh, my word, what a beautiful story! I'm so glad you shared it...it's memories like this that make images truly live within our hearts...

    Happy Spring to you as well :)


  10. Oh my Gosh, soo excited to get to Paris this year, J'adore!


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