Friday, March 26, 2010

Spectacular Views + Sunshine

Bound for the Beach!

Fling open the shutters, close your eyes, and take a deep breath of the most revitalizing, fresh air. Feel the warmth of pure sunshine as it hits your temples, shoulders and finally, your toes. Is there anything more comforting? Now, I'm not literally headed to the beach this weekend, but am dreaming of another few days of warm, sunshiny weather. What is it about the combination of sunshine and water that draws us so?

This wonderful apartment, located in Nice, ( France ) is just perfect for a weekend beach getawayto pack your bags and leave the hustle and bustle of the city...mellow out in an easy, comforting environment. I can picture a few well-loved bikes leaning just outside the door, mornings of coffee, wrapped in cozy blanket on that cozy lounger...long walks along the sand...maybe even a picnic?...evenings coming to an end with delicious food and wine, out on that lovely deck.

Such a comforting interior, isn't it? There are far too many great details and ideas here, from linen clad lounging areas and perfectly drapey curtains, to the triple dining room tables, ideal for parties and re-arranging. ( Must do this! ) Though this place is primarily neutral, the little bits of beach-inspired colored objects look so at home here...what do you think?

A Few Things to Start Your Weekend off Right

* Pretty, fashioninspired prints
* The perfect pair of sandals
* Chic, new Moleskine collection
* Lovely labels & packaging
* Organic, luxe luggage for J.Crew
...and a French skincare giveaway!


Thanks for stopping by this weekI wish you a wonderful weekend ahead! xo

( images scanned from Côté Sud / photography by Bernard Touillon )


  1. Awww... The first photo feels sooooooooooooo warm... I can just imagine stepping on that balcony and feel meltingly hot tiles under my feet... And how gorgeous those blue toiletries look against monochrome grays of the bathroom!!! Just like frozen crystals.

  2. I fell in love with these interiors immediately, but when I read further and foumd out these are from an apartment in Nice...Well, now I'm in heaven. Divine! Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for your lovely comments on my blog xx

  3. So light and breezy...i love the home-y, yet modern feel!


  4. i love the curtains. they have some ruffle to them but not too much. great stuff

  5. This is a dream summer home! That drapery in the second image is so luxurious and perfect. I want!

    Happy weekend Sarah! xoxo, Crystal

  6. Well after this post I wish I was off to France, but alas. I'll just be reading poolside for most of my weekend, at least the sun is out though! Happy weekend Sarah :)

  7. oh my goodness Sarah! delicious food and wine on that deck? how spectacular could that be? btw... why do I always connect food and wine with good moments? lol! have a great weekend! xo

  8. I love this post! Gorgeous interiors and that little gold table is so cute. You're so going to laugh at this Sarah - I just bought a moleskine last night! lol...

  9. Everything looks so clean and fresh! Beautiful views, and the processing on these photos is really something to marvel at. It makes me want to go and take some professional photography classes and get a shiny new high-end camera. I'm not patient enough to learn all the technicalities of it though, unfortunately! Thanks for another great post and a beautiful selection of interior design photos. And for your comments on my blog!!


  10. P.S. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! And I love the "caketress" photos as well.

  11. Oh my! Thanks for the mini vacation!

  12. Fashiontitbits - that's true - they do, when I look a little closer.

    Daniella - I'm beginning to wonder if we are long lost sisters - sometimes our timing is just hilarious!

    Caroline - you always leave the nicest comments...thank you :)

  13. I really enjoyed the colors used in all these photographs, the serene and antique grays, whites and even the seafoam green on the shutters, that is the look I am trying to achieve- *sighs*
    Thank you for entering my give away :)

  14. oh, I see you posted pics of my apartment ;) if only....

  15. Sarah,

    Absolutely exquisite images. I recently found your blog due to the mention by Sasha on Everything Fabulous and will most definitely be back by.

    I also wanted to let you know that I have included this particular post on my weekly Cups of Tea, as I know my readers would love the beautiful photos as well and wanted to share with them. Stop on by Sunday, March 28th to have a look.

    Again, beautiful blog.

  16. Oh gorgeous pictures and the bathroom, sigh. And in Nice? Heaven ...

  17. Simply Luxurious - thank you for stopping by and for your sweet words! I will definitely stop by your blog...hope you're having a wonderful weekend :)

  18. HI Sarah
    Simply beautiful.. gorgeous interiors and even more gorgeous photography... that last shot!!! what dreams are made of ... Have a great week.. xx Julie

  19. Hi Sarah! I'm not sure what draws us, but I am captivated! That first image especially... gorgeous!

  20. Of course I'm partial because I live near the beach, but I love this! Hoping you didn't work too hard this weekend Sarah, but if you did, I'm sending you some warm and happy thoughts for a good week ahead!

    xo Mary Jo

  21. This is definitely a very comforting apartment. Love all the details and textures. Have a lovely week ahead Sarah dear. :)

  22. Oh, Sarah! SOOOO chic! I love it...such fabulous taste! Hope you are doing great!

  23. Sarah, what a place! Mama Mia! And clusters of white orchids always look & feel right. You post the bes, my friend! ox Mon

  24. Aww, Monika, you're so kind -- I love the white orchids, as well -- they're so cheery :)



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