Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Magical Fairytale

Something New to Love: Leifsdottir

"Leifsdottir is a young designer collection by Finland native Johanna Uurasjarvi. Meaning “daughter of Leif,” Leifsdottir illuminates the Scandinavian custom of inheriting your father’s name as your surname at birth. It is this sense of tradition and authenticity that is reflected in each and every Leifsdottir collection. In the words of Uurasjarvi, “No matter how modern our designs, they are always in some way a reflection of the past.” Each season, Uurasjarvi crafts an evocative narrative from which she and her team derive inspiration. These stories reflect everything from her recent travels or a magical fairytale to the lives of artists and heroines. Says Uurasjarvi, “We get very inspired by our stories and want to offer this same inspiration to our customers.”

Love, love, love the airy, gardenchic lookbook, the story, and of course, the collection! (oh to have those birdcages) I cannot get my mind off this and this. Have you seen this line before?

Hope you're week is off to a bright and cheery start...

(images via their site / discovered via Anthropologie / featured beautifully on A Glamorous Little Side Project)


  1. what yummy, spring-like dresses!

  2. Love these photos Sarah, so glad you featured it! So dreamy...

  3. I do follow this line and occasionally a shirt will pop up in Anthropologie but I'm loving that ruched black skirt! What a great piece for any wardrobe!

    Hope you're having a great week Sarah!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. I agree, Mary Jo - that skirt is lovely!

  5. I LOVE Leifsdottir and I totally want that very top blouse, It's luxurious!

  6. Love those photos, I wish I had a house that resembled those pictures!


  7. beautiful! especially love the pink and gold top and may have to pick it up for spring, and adore all the headpieces, of course

    so sweet of you to include the side project -- thank you! hope your week is filled with sunshine,


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