Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Carla Mancini

A lovely handbag from the newest collection of Carla Mancini.

I love the shape, color and design of this handbag. It's just yummy, and the perfect Spring accessoryalthough, if you visit their site, there are so many great handbags to choose from. I believe it will go well with all of the lovely pastels we're seeing for this and next season. Carla Mancini is run by two talented people (Mariana and Richard) who are committed to producing quality accessories. In fact, each handbag is crafted in the USA and is made up of the highest quality leather. Note: they are easily recognizable by the signature saddle-stitched walnut linen thread found in every piece.

"Mariana views handbags as a necessity of life and passionately produces patterns and styles that fit each individual. "Your bag is really an extension of yourself and should look and feel right on you" she explains, "Italy inspires me, vintage bags inspire me too" she says." The Plus? You truly have something unique as the collection releases only a limited amount of bags each season. Hmm, I couldn't agree more...now, is it too early to add this one to my birthday list?

( image courtesy of Carla Mancini )


  1. this is so nice!!!! spring is here :)


    another woman by rose

  2. talk about the perfect shade of gray.


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