Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Votre Vu Giveaway Winner

I'm thrilled to announce that the winner of this luxurious Votre Vu Mal-ligne Wrinkle Eraser... is Kristen Joy! Congratulations to you, Kristen—we will be in contact shortly. On a side note, isn't this delicate dress, model, sweet shoes, bench, and photo just gorgeous? I don't think I could ever have enough of this candy floss or pastel color scheme. What about you? Hope you are all having a terrific week!

( captured by the ever-talented Mario Sierra )

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Little Fun with Fashion

I absolutely adore the art direction of this photoshoot! This was created for an editorial featured in Woman magazine. ( March 2010 ) It's such a pretty, fun way to express fashion with an array of oversized sheets of notes and accessories — perhaps a nod to the creative process that lies behind the scenes, as we so often admire the end result...

A Few Mentionables

* Thank you to Grace, of Sense and Simplicity, for the Sunshine Award and kind words.
...and tomorrow is the day I will draw a winner for the French skincare giveaway!

( photography + illustration link: Hunter & Gatti /
Styled by: Marta Lasierra & Oscar Visitación )

Take a Trip to Paris

The City of Lights and Love.

These exquisite photos have been captured by Rowell Photography, a new-to-me photography studio, located in Ontario. I cannot get over how breathtakingly powerful and majestic these areI would love to frame them. This talented team is comprised of two award-winning photographers, who have traveled all over Canada, England, France, Czech Republic, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, capturing wonderful moments of fun, couples in love, and special occasions... they have such an array of lovely work...

If you enjoy these photos, you might also like these, these and these.

( images courtesy of Rowell Photography )

Monday, March 29, 2010

Hello, New Week

Good morning, friends! I hope you have had a wonderful weekend. Mine simply flew by before I had a chance to enjoy it! Though, I did manage to squeeze a nice evening in, and watched "The Pursuit of Happyness", made up some delicious brownies, and enjoyed a few minutes with my new book. Isn't that movie amazing? It makes me cry every time...

I thought I would share a little outfit inspiration to start your week off. I really like this easy, chic look...perfectly lovable pants, pretty layered tops, and a swiftly swept updo. Perfectly Paris. Magdalena is wearing a pair of Gap khakis, a J. Crew shirt, a Stella McCartney teddy and an awesome belt. ( brand, unknown ) Photo courtesy of Garance Doré one of my very favorite blogs for style.

( image: Garance Doré )

Chloé S/S 2010

Time and time again, Chloé steals the show!

Freshly spotted in their latest online catalogue for Spring and Summer 2010, was this array of irresistible handbags...from ultra-glamorous, glistening evening bags, to everyday, buttery soft leather handbags. Isn't it exciting to see a new collection? I love the thrill of opening up a designer's page and something fresh and new is waiting to be discovered. On a side note, I wonder where their photoshoot took placearen't those door handles extraordinary?

( images via Chloé )

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spectacular Views + Sunshine

Bound for the Beach!

Fling open the shutters, close your eyes, and take a deep breath of the most revitalizing, fresh air. Feel the warmth of pure sunshine as it hits your temples, shoulders and finally, your toes. Is there anything more comforting? Now, I'm not literally headed to the beach this weekend, but am dreaming of another few days of warm, sunshiny weather. What is it about the combination of sunshine and water that draws us so?

This wonderful apartment, located in Nice, ( France ) is just perfect for a weekend beach getawayto pack your bags and leave the hustle and bustle of the city...mellow out in an easy, comforting environment. I can picture a few well-loved bikes leaning just outside the door, mornings of coffee, wrapped in cozy blanket on that cozy lounger...long walks along the sand...maybe even a picnic?...evenings coming to an end with delicious food and wine, out on that lovely deck.

Such a comforting interior, isn't it? There are far too many great details and ideas here, from linen clad lounging areas and perfectly drapey curtains, to the triple dining room tables, ideal for parties and re-arranging. ( Must do this! ) Though this place is primarily neutral, the little bits of beach-inspired colored objects look so at home here...what do you think?

A Few Things to Start Your Weekend off Right

* Pretty, fashioninspired prints
* The perfect pair of sandals
* Chic, new Moleskine collection
* Lovely labels & packaging
* Organic, luxe luggage for J.Crew
...and a French skincare giveaway!


Thanks for stopping by this weekI wish you a wonderful weekend ahead! xo

( images scanned from Côté Sud / photography by Bernard Touillon )

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sweetly Tousled Locks

Loving Natalia's look here! Sweet, effortlessly tousled locks. I just had my hair cut last night, and went for the messy chic look, with plenty of textures and a tad of elegance...I let my stylist do what he likes, as he has great taste! Are you craving a new look for Spring?

( images via fashion gone rogue )

Detail of the Week

A Glamorous Bath

Can you guess whose bath this is? I will give you a little hint: it is truly a reflection of her idea? Why, it's Betsy Johnson's! As I was flipping though my new Shabby Chic book, I couldn't help but appreciate this funky/glam bathroom. Her signature bold, girly, and often wild style is so recognizable, isn't it? Apparently, Johnson doesn't believe in organizing and stowing away all of her toiletriesinstead, she keeps all of her trinkets out so she can appreciate and use them each day. I just love her ruffled shower curtain, pink flowers, and how she displays her array of perfumesand apparently, she wears about 10 a day!

( image scanned via
this book )

The Caketress

Custom tailored cakes with style.

While flipping through the latest Winter/Spring issue of glamorous WedLuxe magaine, I came across a Canadian company: The Caketress. Designer Lori Hutchinson had created a lovely cake, especially for a classic nautical, Ralph-Lauren style themed wedding. Subtle stripes, stacked rope, feathers, an elegant golden chain, and ruffles ( yes, ruffles ) dressed the chic cake.

Delicious looking? Certainly! But more than anything, the artistry and the quality of her cakes truly impressed me. They are just breathtakingcarefully sculpted, edible works of art. The photos (by Rowell Photography) above feature just a tiny morsel of the talented Lori Hutchinson's work. ( A short while ago, named cake designer of the year ) To see many more tempting cakes, visit her blog here. I cannot wait to see what her next creation is!

( company discovered via WedLuxe /images via The Caketress )
( photographer's link/ event decorator link )

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Carla Mancini

A lovely handbag from the newest collection of Carla Mancini.

I love the shape, color and design of this handbag. It's just yummy, and the perfect Spring accessoryalthough, if you visit their site, there are so many great handbags to choose from. I believe it will go well with all of the lovely pastels we're seeing for this and next season. Carla Mancini is run by two talented people (Mariana and Richard) who are committed to producing quality accessories. In fact, each handbag is crafted in the USA and is made up of the highest quality leather. Note: they are easily recognizable by the signature saddle-stitched walnut linen thread found in every piece.

"Mariana views handbags as a necessity of life and passionately produces patterns and styles that fit each individual. "Your bag is really an extension of yourself and should look and feel right on you" she explains, "Italy inspires me, vintage bags inspire me too" she says." The Plus? You truly have something unique as the collection releases only a limited amount of bags each season. Hmm, I couldn't agree, is it too early to add this one to my birthday list?

( image courtesy of Carla Mancini )

In An Aura of Soft Pink

Layers and layers, ruffles, artistry, and exquisite embellishments.

I'm constantly surprised and delighted by the various different ways that wedding dresses can be styled and photographed. Some, like these, are so beautiful. Not only are the dresses themselves amazing, but equally lovely is the soft pink hue and the gentle light that plays such a strong roll in this collection's lookbook. Note that a close-up of the details is shown beside each image, so you can truly appreciate the design detailing. A nice touch.

( bridal collection discovered via WedLuxe )

Monday, March 22, 2010

Soft, Luxurious Comforts

Feminine and Luxurious.

Well-balanced qualities of beauty, comfort and function come together so perfectly in these rooms. Combined with a soft palette of pastels, it makes for such an inviting look, especially for Spring. I just adore the mismatched, sun-bleached linens, the abundance of little flowers, and sumptuous details. The most perfect Shabby Chic spaces. I have followed the style and work of Rachel Ashwell from the time I was about ten. I love her self-taught sense of ease, luxury, and comfort, her passion for authentic and vintage and her ability to create such a memorable look and feel. It wasn't until I walked into her California boutique, years ago, that I truly felt Shabby Chic. It is not a mere combination of items, but a feeling...

Over the years, I have sought out pieces that mean something to me. New, vintage or antiqueI have acquired a collection of treasures and furnishings that truly speak to me; From petite, soft pink vintage gloves and candelabras, to sweetly printed antique teacups. I credit my Mum and Rachel Ashwell for opening my eyes as a child to a world of beauty, and an appreciation for the authentic, time-worn and imperfect. Are you also a collector of vintage/antique pieces?

*Also, today, I'm a guest on Walking AroundWhere the Sidewalk Begins, going into more detail about collectibles. Be sure to stop by when you have a chance!

( photography by Amy Neunsinger / images scanned via this excellent book )

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The First Day of Spring

I've just returned home last night from a wonderful vacation in Santa Monica!

It was short, to be sure, but sweet. Perfect weather gave way for long, long, full and fun days. Thank you to all who offered helpful recommendations...between my favorite spots and new places, we were covered. We enjoyed our stay at Viceroy a heavenly, urban beach retreat. It was so beautifully decorated and styled by the talented Kelly Wearstler. The patio area was a favorite spot, as was the chic library I wished that I could have spent hours and hours looking through the numerous travel, decorating and design books.

The beach was just picturesque, though the water was still quite cool. We also spent an afternoon, strolling down Third Street Promenade, passing delicious Pinkberry, stopped for an Italian dinner, made a dash for Anthropologie (I finally picked up this sweet dress!) and L'Occitane. Not so glamorous, but very fun, we also spent some time at Universal Studios and Disneyland. I could have stayed for about another week, but have definitely returned feeling refreshed and renewed, inspired and full of new ideas...

Thank you for leaving comments and visiting in my absence. I look forward to catching up on all your lovely posts that I've missed, and returning some of your kind words. And of course...Happy Spring!

( images captured by Mario Sierra )
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