Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy ♥ Filled Weekend

Glamorous dresses, updos, tea for two, and sweet blossoms and spaces—the perfect combination for a romantic—inspired weekend. I love the quickly trimmed roses, tossed around the table in such a care free, French way...and as an alternative, perfect, pretty rosebuds, captured in icewhich makes for the most beautiful display, doesn't it? All you need are a few lively and fun guests (or one very special guest *wink) and some delicious dessert! Do you have any plans for this weekend? Do tell!

A Few Great Finds

* Wedding Dresses with Pockets
* Prettily Scented Sachets
* A Cake Company to Adore

Floral Gift Giving

* Roses for "love and desire"
* Blue Salvia for "I think of you"
* Mints for "warmth and feeling"
* Myrtle for "love and passion"
* Lavender for "devotion"

(fashionable images via Mario Sierra) (image 02, 03, 04 Christophe Dugied, Victoria)
(image 06, scanned from Victoria magazine ) (image 08 by David Arias)


  1. I adore the idea of frozen flower ice-cubes!!!! Must be so special to have your champagne served this way. Must remember this wonderful tip.
    Wishing you a very special romantic weekend!

  2. Wonderful images for this weekend.
    A wish you very lovely days.

  3. Beautiful images, this weekend Im going to see Valentine's Day and going to dinner. Watching the movie Chicago at home (yes I've never seen it yet i'm late)

    Have a great weekend.

  4. The tea set is so beautiful! Where can I buy that?

  5. Hi Sarah!

    Beautiful pictures!
    Have a lovely valentine! ♥

    xo alice

  6. Beautiful post as always Sarah! I LOVE that cake shop link... wow! It looks like she's based in T.O.? What a gorgeous site. Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's weekend!

  7. Tangerine Fairy -- it's beautiful, isn't it? It's from Wedgewood:

  8. That model is beautiful. Gorgeous photos, as always. I'm loving those ice cubes. I'm taking a mental note right now.

  9. The dress in #1 looks so very soft, I love it.

    The chandeliers are gorgeous in the last.

    Beautiful post ~ Happy Valentines,

  10. Sarah, these are all so gorgeous--the frozen roses, that top draped gray dress, those gold chain bracelets (!) I love it all! Tomorrow is breakfast by the ocean, lunch by the ocean, dinner and a movie...and it's sunny here! Can't wait to hear more about your trip to California, I would love to meet up in person! Happy Valentine's day!

    xoxo Mary Jo

  11. As always gorgeous images Sarh
    I hope your Valentine's Day is filled with love. Speaking of I love your last 2 posts also.. those fondue cups have my name on them!! and my perfumes are Chloe and First... Have a great day.. xx Julie

  12. I was supposed to be out for dinner, and I'm still at work in the office! argghh :( Oh well, there's always next Valentines...
    I adore pocket wedding dresses, but it's not really a new trend..hee hee. Actually I blog posted about it too last year here if you'd like to see :)

  13. Dear Sarah!

    Just stopping by and wishing you Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you having a wonderful one... :-)

    I'm on a vacation in Thailand and will return to my blog on the 25th of February.

    Much love: Evi

  14. glamorous dresses and updos would be lovely!! celebrating chinese new yr with the family which lands on the same day as vday this yr :)

  15. dear sarah... lovely post as always... want to have you come to seattle march 1st... big book launch for john and rosanna bowles... her 1st book ... big party at boatstreet cafe... john and i wanted to be sure and let you know! email me for more info... happy valentines day!!! xx pam

  16. Hello Pam,

    That would be an honor! I will certainly look into coming. Thank you both so much :)


  17. Those roses frozen in ice took my breath away. You have found one amazingly lovely photo after another.

  18. Gorgeous post! I hope you link this one up ~ lovely!!

    Paula Grace ~

  19. I think I will, Paula Grace -- it's so perfect for your Classic Tuesdays!

  20. Still Gorgeous!! Thanks for joining Timeless Tuesday :)

  21. I LOVE the first dress, what brand is it? Thank u so much for sharing! XOXO


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