Monday, February 22, 2010

On A Sunny Monday

Welcome to a fresh, new week, friends! Here in Vancouver, it's so unusually bright and sunny out...It almost feels like Spring, and sometimes it seems as though we're hosting the "Spring Olympic Games". (Apologies to those who are experiencing snow) I don't know about you, but come winter, I tend to go into hibernation. Naturally, I still like to go out, but I don't voluntarily walk around outside as freely as I do during Spring and Summer months. I'm noticing more and more people, though, enjoying the preSpring sunshine and crisp, fresh air. Catch it while it's here! Why not grab your pup and take a stroll...

Have you ever heard the phrase that often a pet will look like/have the personality of its owner? Oh, I've seen it so many times, and sometimes it's just too good to be true! When we purchased our petite, tri—colored Jack Russell, she had primary dark fur covering her little head. After growing up, though, we've notice her fur has changed, the darker colors moving toward her back, and the fur on her head is remarkable similar in color to my light red hair! (she is labeled a broken coat JR, meaning she is on the fluffy side) Have you seen this before? Does your pet "match" you?

For the EverStylish Pet

* A Contemporary Canine Home
* Chic Dog & Cat Outfitters
* Oh,"Tastes Like Couture"
* For When You Can't Go Outside
* Organic Treats

*p.s I'm laughing over the second to last item!
(images cropped + embellished by myself /found via TFS)


  1. So Furry.
    So Funny.
    So Feverishly Fashionable.

  2. ..So, is that 2nd-from-the-last....You?!

  3. I hope not - I have a scruffy, cranky old cat... Haha!!

    Would have loved to be part of that photo shoot (just hanging out in the back corner). I bet everyone on the set walked home with some interesting and fun tidbits to share at the dinner table! Happy New Week, dear! xx Mon

  4. Love this! Great links... i'm going to have to take a looksy through that whole Mungo and Maud site!

  5. I saw this spread too, I LOVE IT, as I love dogs! The polkadot dress is so glam. Thanks for the links again!

  6. Great post Sarah lovely to see and funny to read.
    Have a nice day,

  7. I only hope I look like Lana my pet Staffodshire Terrier, she is strong, muscular, and lean. Lana is brindle in color which matches my highlighted hair. Best of all she loves me unconditionally. Lana and Bruno (my Shepherd) are truly my best friends.
    Lovely post!

  8. the shoes on the pic n°6 are amazing. completely in love with your blog!

  9. what a pretty spread. i sure hope my dog looks nothing like me. He's blond with buggy eyes.

  10. Very true, as well! A friend of mine is super tiny, with dark hair, and has the most massive, light-haired dog. Both are very, very sweet tempered, though :)

  11. love this! how couldn't i loving pets like i do? xo

  12. The pink high-heels are pretty. But WOW on the black-netting shoes!

    The little black Scotti is cute looking up at her.

  13. Yes, I have heard how pets look like their owners. Hmmm, Millie is a terrier mutt. I don't see the resemblance :)

    These images are beautiful. The long legs on these models are incredible. I'm a sucker for a nice set of legs... did I just say that??!! Seriously, long legs are beautiful. Lauren has long legs. I always tell her "I love those long and lush legs of yours." She just smiles.

    Paula Grace ~

  14. Awww, Lauren is such a doll! She has the perfect physique for dance!


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