Monday, February 1, 2010

A (Beautiful) Memory

Good morning, friends! I hope that you have enjoyed a wonderful weekend. Today marks a brand new week and monthI welcome February as it promises to bring spring closer, Valentine's Day, and my Anniversary!

I hope you like today's images. There is quite a story behind these you notice the overlapping black marking toward the bottom right corner of the first? That marking is significant. Last week, I was going through some old design projects, sketches and paintings that I had completed in High School and University. I came across a folder that I had put together way back in grade 12it was my inspiration/art folder. Things I loved. Beautiful, embossed papers, postcards from travels, Parisian tags, etc. covered the front, while my (smaller scale) artwork and favorite inspiration was tucked safely inside. I had some fun fashion and furniture design sketches, but also some inspiring magazine cut-outs, like the ones you see here.

I carefully saved these images when I was sixteenthough they were once glued together. (Hence the black paper remnants) I am now in my twenties and find that I am still equally in love with these spaces. Finding this project, and these two pieces in particular, was like opening a box full of memories, (I hope I haven't bored you) and as I was flipping though, reminiscing, I was so happy to discover that the person I was back then, is not so different than the person I am now...though perhaps a bit wiser and more experienced. I find great comfort in thatbeing true to who are you and what you are passionate about...


Do you ever look back on items or creations from your past? If so, do you find that you have changed
a great deal or are still, in essence, the very same person?

(The source of these...hmm...I have no idea! Unfortunately, that part of my memory is long gone. Any ideas?)


  1. Good morning Sarah,

    Yes, I have returned to treasured keepsakes of my own creations... which at the time were namely sketches and artwork. I love that it brings me back to a time of being fearless and passionate about art, which inspires and comforts me. I do so when I really need to get back in touch with my true self. Lovely to reminisce this morning with you.

    Have a great week.

  2. Thanks for the background story on these photos... I feel like I know you a little bit better!! Hmm.. I have changed a LOT since I was 16. I don't even think I'm the same person. And then I look at my diaries and I remember who I used to be and see a glimmer of myself right now. Rather than art and inspirations, my documentation of pre-20's life definitely comes in the form of the written word.

    Thanks so much for sharing! I love your posts! And PS. you are lucky to have known your passions from such an early age.

  3. I love the second image especially!!

  4. I can still picture you putting your inspirations together, doing your high school artwork at the dining room table, and working all night to get a presentation ready for the next day while in university (huh! still at the dining room table)...and I do remember these images :) and your right, your are still in many ways the same person as you were at 16, definitely wiser, more experienced and I think your passions have taken on a new level in your life.

  5. Good Morning Sarah. What a fun read! I am not a bit surprised that your talent and creativity is nothing "new". You are just following your life long passion and with that comes success. Look at you - you are phenomenal! Happy Monday, xx Mon

  6. Your 16-year old self had great taste, Sarah (though I'm hardly surprised). Love the light in both of these pictures.

  7. It's funny, I had the opposite reaction to finding some of the old magazines I had saved because I loved certain rooms - I found them too frou-frou, flowery, and cluttered. I reluctantly decluttered them as they no longer represented my tastes, although I can remember how I felt when I loved them so. I wonder if it is that I'm much older than you are so I'm looking further back. Or possibly my tastes had further to improve, as judging by your photos, you had amazing taste at 16!

  8. Love these bright airy spaces, your sixteen year old self had a great eye!

  9. Sarah,

    These are beautiful in any time. They are lovely. I love the chandelier and the cabinets/bookcases. You have always had great taste!

    Paula Grace ~

  10. Wow -- such sweet replies! My goodness! :)

  11. I too like to keep all things that are beautiful and memorable to me. It gives such a great pleasure to re-open the box and reminisce the stuffs one by one. Judging from those things, I found myself pretty much the same person in the essence, but maybe with some (should be lots of) improvements. I think it's kinda cool because it means I've always been true to myself since then, and staying that way till now :)

    Wonderful post...

  12. I still have magazine cut outs that I saved in school, too! And, yes, my eyes have always been drawn to similar things. Its very interesting to see how much taste you develope early in life. Thanks for sharing.


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