Sunday, February 28, 2010

So Many Moments!

Never have I seen the city of Vancouver so alive! Were you watching?

Words like contagious, infectious and joyful come to mind. Today was quite the dayas our hockey team won the gold medal, the city (and all of Canada, I'm certain) filled with happiness and pride. Never have I used my car horn so much, as when I drove home from work!

There were unforgettable moments of cheer, love, and a new-found level of patriotism. I had tears in my eyes several time over the last 17 eventful days, ending with "I believe"performed by Montreal teen jazz sensation Nikki Yanofsky. She even landed No.1 on the iTunes Canada playlistwith the official broadcast theme song for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. What a voice! I also shed a tear when seeing Michael J. Fox. I'm such a huge fan of his.

P.S Did you see the adorable and famous (model) Natalia? I was so surprised and thrilled to see her!

(photo courtesy of Aritzia)

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Little Weekend Fun

This fun and whimsical photoshoot makes me want to grab some paint and create something! Maybe frame something unexpected and chic or paint the inside of the closet a fresh, new color. However, I'm feeling particularly under the weather, so the only thing I will be grabbing this weekend is least 5 times a day. I have three tins of Be Well Red Teas to go through, and plenty of honey to sweeten the you have any fun plans for this weekend?

Some Links to Share

* A sweet thought for a bride and groom
* "What the Movie" Test your movie knowledge
* Video: (the details of) Chanel S/S 2010
* Super cute macaron pops
...and one lovely, Double-Breasted coat!

(photography by Amanda Pratt, from Kate Ryan Inc.)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Respecting The Past

An Italian interior that embodies so much beautyyou just can't help but stare.

The details are mesmerizing...a perfect combination of past craftsmanship and artistry, combined with carefully chosen, modern pieces of a smart nature. I love how the ornate and refined walls, ceilings and doors, perfectly envelope the spaces. It's no wonder the owners took the more simplistic approach in furnishing their spaceI feel that much more detail would have been too much!

I believe that even the exquisite hanging chandeliers are original to the homeisn't that one in the kitchen majestic? I also really enjoy the large mirror that reflects the gentle, natural light, and helps to make the space feel much more open and spacious. (I am definitely going to do this one day) Even the clean, simplistic faucet is perfect. Don't you find the feeling of this place to be so rich and warm?...the organic arrangements, tousled throws, and drapey, crinkled linens, remind us that the look of a space is just as important as the ease of living. Can you imagine walking through here, or for that matter, living here?

(images scanned via Côte Sud FevMars'08 /photos by Nicolas Mathéus)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Detail of the Week

I don't think I have ever wanted a pair of shoes as much as I want these incredible, Chloé, bowembellished pumps. I would love to wear them with a creamy or black, ruffled dress perhaps...and when I'm not wearing them, I believe I would display them. It's times like this that I think being a girl is such a privilege and, well, so much fun! Aren't they amazing?

(photo taken and via the Cherry Blossom Girl)

Monday, February 22, 2010

On A Sunny Monday

Welcome to a fresh, new week, friends! Here in Vancouver, it's so unusually bright and sunny out...It almost feels like Spring, and sometimes it seems as though we're hosting the "Spring Olympic Games". (Apologies to those who are experiencing snow) I don't know about you, but come winter, I tend to go into hibernation. Naturally, I still like to go out, but I don't voluntarily walk around outside as freely as I do during Spring and Summer months. I'm noticing more and more people, though, enjoying the preSpring sunshine and crisp, fresh air. Catch it while it's here! Why not grab your pup and take a stroll...

Have you ever heard the phrase that often a pet will look like/have the personality of its owner? Oh, I've seen it so many times, and sometimes it's just too good to be true! When we purchased our petite, tri—colored Jack Russell, she had primary dark fur covering her little head. After growing up, though, we've notice her fur has changed, the darker colors moving toward her back, and the fur on her head is remarkable similar in color to my light red hair! (she is labeled a broken coat JR, meaning she is on the fluffy side) Have you seen this before? Does your pet "match" you?

For the EverStylish Pet

* A Contemporary Canine Home
* Chic Dog & Cat Outfitters
* Oh,"Tastes Like Couture"
* For When You Can't Go Outside
* Organic Treats

*p.s I'm laughing over the second to last item!
(images cropped + embellished by myself /found via TFS)

Poudre Gigi Purse

As Spring is just around the corner, I feel the need to pick up a few new accessories to help transition some of my favorite, classic pieces from Winter to Spring...perhaps a pretty, light scarf or two, a colorful clutch, or a new pair of shoes. Isn't this pretty? The structure and soft color instantly drew me to this sweet little clutch/coin purse. I want to wear it with this gorgeous, ruffled cardigan for a romantic, light you look for transitional pieces (like these) also? Is there anything specific you have your eye on?

(item above discovered via Lovely Clusters)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh so Marie Antoinette (Part II)

Do you remember this beautiful collection of images? As you see, it just so happens that there is a recent part two! This time, we get to see a little more of the luxe, dramatic jewelry shop that the shoot is set in...Ahh, to try on all of that stunning jewelry, pretty dresses and shoes!

I wanted to say a special thank you for all of your sweet wishes for David and I, as we celebrated our 5th Anniversaryhowever many miles away you might be, I appreciate each and every comment you left. I hope you have a wonderful Friday!

A Few Fashionable Links...

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* Vera Wang, shopping here in Vancouver
* The Most Beautiful iPhone Pouch

(More posts featuring this photographer to come)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cooking in Elegance

I think there is a strong possibility that I could be persuaded to cook on a consistent basis if I was given this gorgeous kitchen! Like a Christian Loubatin shoeprecision in construction, manufactured with fine materials, and classically stylish. Can you compare a kitchen to a shoe? There's such beauty in this warm, modern space. I love the little touches of glamour, with the crystal chandelier, elegant marble, the painting propped on the cabinetry, and the soft drapery. The only thing it's missing is a great table and chairs in the open area...And perhaps an ostentatiously large, decorative, gold framed mirror—propped against that blank wall on the right, in the second photo...

What would you add to finish this space?

Also, I just came across the pet bowl set, that I think perfectly matches this kitchen. If the owners had a pet, don't you think this would be ideal?

(These images have been saved in our files for about. 6 years. Any ideas?)
(Pet bowl set found via luxury culture)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our 5th Anniversary

I couldn't be happier today! My David and I are celebrating our 5th Anniversary!

It seems like just yesterday that we met in UniversityI, keenly focused on my studies, and David, outgoing, intelligent, and the most talented designer in the program. He caught my attention, though, I didn't let on. That's right, I played hard to get for, oh, a month of two. Our sometimes deep, sometimes light, late night chats, my glances during lectures, and his mischievous (dropping a penny in my boot, and I didn't even know it!) and unexpected sense of humour made me realize that I was missing out on a really fun relationship.

It was the wee hours of the morning, February 17th, 2005, that I opened my inbox to find a message from him. Nothing could have prepared me for that moment...I opened the message to find a beautiful, and I mean beautiful, Valentine's Day card, designed especially for me...complete with a sweet illustration, a poem, and noteall in an array of pink, black and white. As tears were filling in my eyes, I thanked God for sending me this very special person. This person who, in such a short period of time, had made such a strong impression on me.

Since then, our strong bond has been built upon mutual respect, appreciation for one another, and a love so, so strong. Every once in awhile, I look back on my journal entries, outlining momentous occasions, challenges, fun times, and the beautiful, special moments that we have shared over the past 5 years. We are fortunate enough to see each other everyday, as we share an office space, and even work on some projects together...and even now, I wake up every single morning, so happy to be alive, and so blessed to be able to share my life with the most indescribable, amazing man...

(images via YDE)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Detail of the Week

I'm currently wanting a set of these super chic "postcups" from Bailey Doesn't Barkdesigners of a multitude of fun, contemporary accessories for your home and life. While enjoying your morning coffee routine, why not surprise your loved one by scribbling a sweet message or quote on the front? I find it's the tiny touches and loving thoughts that make life a little sweeter, don't you?

p.s I just noticed, I seem to be on a real script love as of late!

(image via Bailey Doesn't Bark)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Kensie Spring 2010

A lovely, new collection from Kensie, entitled "Every time". Certainly a unique, yet inexplicable name...though, as the collection's story unfolds in a charming video, one discovers lovely and sweet messages of love: "Every time I think of pretty, I think of you..." How charming is that? I enjoy how this brand offers such great ready-to-wear pieces for women, and shamelessly follows all girly intuition and creates the most ultra-feminine ensembles. (I have my eye on a few of these!) They even have a page on their site, entitled "I feel pretty"a spot to post images, featuring things that make you feel pretty...from glitter and sunshine, to flowers...

Also, I came across this link on how to create those elegant ice cubes with roses!

(images via

Vancouver: Olympics, 2010

I hope you have had an amazing weekendwhether you spent it with a loved one, friends and/or family. Thanks for stopping by this last week, and for your comments... as I focused on some lovely scents, tastes, fashion and decor, surrounding romance. Valentine's Day causes quite a mix of reactions. I can remember when I was a single girl, I would opt to get together with girl friends and watch a great chick flick or go out for coffee. I felt a little sad, but hopeful that someone, somewhere out there was perfect for meI just had to wait and be patient. Even now, though, I don't put great emphasis on the day. I am a hopeless romantic at heart, and enjoy expressing my love to my darling each and every day, whether it's just a little note, or a quick kiss. (our 5th Anniversary is nearly here, too!)

Though I'm not particularly athletic, and generally don't follow sports, I am thoroughly enjoying the games and buzz around the city for the Olympics. I had a chance to spend the better part of Friday afternoon downtownit was amazing! I plan on taking part of today to head back and enjoy some events, (I might even tie on a little red scarf) and hopefully, get some more pictures. It's wonderful to be a part of history in the makingand it's a privilege to host the Olympics. Are you watching?

If you feel so inspired, check out a few fun videos, featuring local Frenchman "Gaston Tartarin", as he explores different events and interacts with tourists and locals alike, throughout downtown Vancouver. Also, here are some wonderful images of the city, published by Architectural Digest, from a little while back...

(image link)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy ♥ Filled Weekend

Glamorous dresses, updos, tea for two, and sweet blossoms and spaces—the perfect combination for a romantic—inspired weekend. I love the quickly trimmed roses, tossed around the table in such a care free, French way...and as an alternative, perfect, pretty rosebuds, captured in icewhich makes for the most beautiful display, doesn't it? All you need are a few lively and fun guests (or one very special guest *wink) and some delicious dessert! Do you have any plans for this weekend? Do tell!

A Few Great Finds

* Wedding Dresses with Pockets
* Prettily Scented Sachets
* A Cake Company to Adore

Floral Gift Giving

* Roses for "love and desire"
* Blue Salvia for "I think of you"
* Mints for "warmth and feeling"
* Myrtle for "love and passion"
* Lavender for "devotion"

(fashionable images via Mario Sierra) (image 02, 03, 04 Christophe Dugied, Victoria)
(image 06, scanned from Victoria magazine ) (image 08 by David Arias)
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