Monday, January 11, 2010

Venetian Decor

Today, I am very excited to introduce you to a fantastic, newtome company, Venetian Decor. Just a few weeks ago, I was browsing the internet, as so many of us love to do, and to my surprise and delight, came across Venetian Decor. I instantly fell for Pam Beattie's sense of aesthetics, her unique approach to her line, as well as her company's mission. But what put me over the edge was when I found out, that she is local!

As mentioned in House & Home magazine, Venetian Decor is a boutique upholstery company, specializing in designing and creating unique pieces for the home, such as: armchairs, toss cushions, custom filled seat cushions, custom ottomans and headboards, cowhide rugs and pillows, drapery hardware, upholstery and drapery fabrics, and antique fur coat pillows, and more.

Pam re-purposes vintage furs into exquisite, elegant furnishing to be enjoyed great heirloom pieces with a modern twist. I really appreciate her approach to using vintage furs in such a respectful and beautiful way. Her signature style sees one-of-a-kind furnishings and throws made from vintage fur coats and beautiful, glamorous buttons just like your great-grandmother owned. Pam has a keen eye and works with quality materials, to ensure long lasting products. The exceptionally soft leather she uses is sourced from Italy, and the furniture frames are handmade in Italy.

Be sure to browse through their website, and take a look at an array of lovely items. I particularly enjoy the fine details she adds, such as special buttons tucked under footstools, and pearly edged trims. Also, I love that Pam will work with your own vintage/antique treasures and create a specific product that holds a special meaning, and perhaps even memory. Pam is launching some charming new products quite soon that I am very excited about...I will give you a little hint* think baby...

/the image shown above, courtesy of Venetian Decor/


  1. It never fails to amaze me the talent and originality people have. Gorgeous.

  2. Love it! It's the perfect vanity stool -- luxurious and girly. Great find, Sarah!

  3. oh my. how lovely!
    so glamourous! thanks for sharing..thats a great company and designer! :)

  4. Great find Sarah! Really love pieces that include retro-fitted or repurposed items too (esp. fur - always rather vintage than new!)

    Hope your week`s off to a great start!


  5. Great find! I cannot wait to peruse her website. That stool is adorable. Love the fact that she repurposes. Have a fabulous night!
    Paula Grace ~
    P.S. Thanks for the lovely comments about my new series. I am excited about it :)

  6. Oh thank you for the introduction! This sounds so like something I'm going to love! I'm off to peruse her site now!


  7. I had a feeling you ladies would love her line! This image is just a tiny peak -- she has many amazing pieces featured on


  8. Not your cookie cutter stool. Very romantic. Creative woman that Pam ~

  9. Yeah! I love and so support family businesses and companies who are thinking out of the box. Smart idea! I went over and took a look. Love so many of their pillows and the stools you are showing. But I also love the services they offer. Will add to my "great & creative " file.
    Thank you for sharing. Ox Monika

  10. Very unique concept. Thanks for the inspiration. Off to check it out!

  11. oh how lovely, Sarah! gorgeous! such a great find! xo

  12. Wow, the product is really fabulous!

  13. I checked out this web page and I'm head over heels...what gorgeousness! I can imagine to have such and artistic piece at my home...

    Have a great week dear Sarah. I'm sorry I haven't stopped by earlier but I'm taking a little break from blogging this week...much love: Evi

  14. Mon -- you are such a sweetheart. Pam is so talented! I can't wait to see what she creates next...

    Miss Eve -- don't apologize, Miss Eve! You are a busy lady, and taking a little break is a good idea sometimes. (I just knew you would love Venetian Decor!) xoxo


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