Friday, January 29, 2010

Jump In—Let's Go

Take a Trip With Me

Now, I'm not literally headed to England, but while watching Jane Austen's "Cranford" last night, I found the idea of booking a trip to this beautiful part of the world to be so appealing! From the time I was about ten years old, I watched and read Austen's romantic stories, loving the magnificent architecture, fashion, style, and customs of such a wonderful time past...

I have always found English countrysides, vast manors, beautiful gardens, and old cottages so intriguing. Perhaps its the coziness that is so often associated with a sweet cottage, nestled in an equally inviting village, or the intrigue of a stately manor set up on a rolling hill of lush green grass. The perfect place to escape to in Januaryto take long walks, bike ride, explore villages and the countryside, and spend the evening curled up with a good book or movie, looking at postcards with loved ones, waiting for Spring to return...

A few things to start your weekend off right

* A new sponsor that I'm excited about
* A short & sweet film to warm the heart
* Newspapers turned into yarn?
* A modern & pretty water bottle
* To keep in mind for Valentine's Day
* My fun new cutlery set,

...and finally, a cheese I cannot get over!


Thank you for stopping by this week and for your nice comments and emails!
I hope you have a wonderful, inspired weekend, xo

(fashionable images via Kate Powers) (image 03 Anna Kern) (image 04 link)
(image 06 link) (image 09 link) (image 10 link) (image 11 + 12 link)


  1. hello! warm greeting! do you like unique fonts?

  2. My kind of post, nothing more beautiful than the English Countryside and these photos. How I'd love to be sporting some wellies and a dose of tartan. My husband was in Scotland visiting his family last week & I was so sad I needed to stay behind. This was the next best thing. x

  3. oooooh! you found a great water bottle! where can we buy that??? lol... I was looking around more this weekend, i found one at chapters that's shaped like a plastic water bottle but is made of glass... let me know if you find any other ones...

    love the english setting btw... reminds me of scotland where i have family :)

  4. and James gets to enjoy some of this this week....I knew I should have jumped in his luggage ;) and best yet, he gets to be in the fashion district!

    I would love to see more of England, Scotland and the images in this post

  5. What a gorgeous way of life...beautiful images. Love the tea cup and saucer!

  6. Oh I just love Cranford, how beautifully made was it!

    These pictures are just gorgeous, I love that car. Mmmm booking a trip sounds good to me.

  7. These are gorgeous photos - I wish I had gotten to see this side of England when I was there.

  8. Hi Sarah!

    Ooh, soo beautiful pictures!
    I love this post!

    Have a nice Saturday!

    xo alice

  9. my favorite fo sho.
    love cranford. love austen. love all of it. going to england again for 2 weeks this summer. harrogate(north yorkshire) and possibly wales. that's where my peeps come from.
    some say im an anglophile...i say anglowhore.

  10. so gorgeous.
    wish i was there instead of behind a desk looking out at 16 inches of snow! :)

  11. these pics bring back pleasant memories...i used to spend hours looking through Victoria Magazine. i don't know if it's still being published...they had the most wonderful stories and spreads on old cottages, gardens, fashion & food- all based on graceful English living, and photos like these here.
    what a lovely post. thanks for sharing these.

  12. Beautiful imagery. I'd really like to visit the English countryside. I've only been to England once and spent the entire time in London. And that was before my infatuation with architecture and design. A trip is definitely in order. Thank you too for introducing me to some great photo sources on Flickr via your source links.

  13. You have captured the feeling of roaming through the English countryside so well Sarah. It brings back such fun memories and I seriously wanted to move there.....sigh.

  14. Fabulous photos Sarah! I love those antlers in the boots, those gorgeous urns, and those printed bowls--all so beautiful & cozy too. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :))

    xoxo Mary Jo

  15. I have always been an anglophile as well - love the rolling countryside, tweeds, roses, stone cottages etc etc. Great photos you found.

  16. Dumwit Tellher -- I'm so glad! Also, I hope you get to go soon :)

    My favorite and my Best -- Oooo! Can't wait to see pics of your upcoming trip.

    Style Odyssey + James -- so happy these inspired. And yes, Victoria is still in publication :)

    Mary Jo -- I couldn't resist that photo. Too cute. We find a great deal of dropped antlers and use them as decor.

    Grace -- thanks! xo

  17. one of my favorite editorials. Makes me want winter to ticket around for a bit. It certainly is today!

  18. What a wonderful collection of photos! I love this era and style... and the boots and teacup are lovely. Ah, wouldn't it just be so nice to escape here??

    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Oh gosh! Can I go too? Yes, so quaint, the English countryside is where you'll find true inglenooks:)

  20. Maureen -- you are so cute! And yes, of course you can come, too :)

  21. Oh - these are just lovely. Tweed and manors! I'm sold.
    You need to visit Oxford! You would fall in love.

  22. great photos! makes me want to go to the english countryside! im loving your blog! i will be visiting back soon enough :)

  23. HI Sarah
    Gorgeous images.. almost makes me wish for winter!! almost!! ha ha.. I think i'll stink with the aussie summer just a tad longer.. but when winter does turn up.. i hope it is as comfy and beautiful as these images look.. xx Julie

  24. I would love to go with you! Beautiful the English country chic!

  25. Hi Sarah,

    What a beautiful post. I would love to visit the English country side and I feel like I just did! Perfect to connect with Timeless Tuesday! See you there!

    Paula Grace ~

  26. I've always wanted to visit England. London especially, but it's so damn expensive!!!

  27. Hey Sarah,

    Still love this post!

    Thank you for joining Timeless Tuesday ~

    Paula Grace

  28. This makes me long for the English countryside of my childhood - amazing!

  29. Thank you for joining Timeless Tuesday!


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