Thursday, January 14, 2010

Detail of the Week

"Milkmade Butter Dish." Store your sticks or blocks under her gilded, pleated skirt. She is pleasant to look at in the morning while making toast and yogurt, and a delight, sitting oh so pretty on the counter. I didn't think a butter dish would make such a difference, but I admit, I love her! It's the little luxuries that make such a difference, and she's so sweet and polite. {Anthropologie, $29.98}

/image via Anthropolgie/


  1. Oh my... too cute! And inexpensive...

  2. It is! The quality is really nice, also!

  3. I love mine in the red...however, the boys made fun of girlie for them...but they use it anyhow ;) she looks great on the counter, you don't mind leaving the butter dish out when she's got style


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