Monday, January 4, 2010

Detail of the Week

How beautiful is this door knocker/pull? This detail sends my mind spinning with ideas! I would love to find a few myself, matching or mismatching from old doors...I think they could be lovely, used to hold rope for a handrail, or towels in a powder room, a curtain pull, or maybe even fastened to the backs of dining room chairs as pulls...just a few of my thoughts...I found this amazing place, courtesy of browsing the lovely {This is Glamorous}. Lordship Park is a photography site, an unusually large Victorian house spread over four distinctly styled floors...

Are you intrigued now? To see more inspiring images, free to visit their site, here.

/image link/


  1. An amazing detail indeed...I love door knockers and pulls...I have a few of my own :)

  2. This knob on this amazing piece of furniture is FABULOUS!! Funny how something so small can do so much.


  3. Gorgeous! I always love your detail of the week.

  4. Happy New Year Sarah! And I love this knocker/pull, absolutely gorgeous.

  5. This is simply stunning. I dream of having a big old place with lots of architectural details one day (with new plumbing and electrics of course :) )

  6. thank you :)

    hope you're having a wonderful first week of 2010,


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