Monday, August 31, 2009

Detail of The Week

Just last week, I came across this super fun dressing area set, via Graham and Green, and instantly fell for the details on these luggage–like designs. These pieces are ideal for those who enjoy flexible living or have a small living space, yet want a chic look. This set, called The Orient Express, consists of a storage trunk, dressing table, wardrobe, and jewelry box. (all sold separately) Lovely, timeless pieces, in such pretty, muted color tones...perhaps evocative of that on–vacation feeling? :)

I also love the luggage look as end tables, or actual vintage luggage pieces, stacked in various ways for different vignettes. Round hat boxes are my favorites! {a previous post here} For another fabulous, luggage–like design, though in the form of a portable office, visit Dress, Design, Decor, here.

/images via their site/

She's Done it Again!

Good morning, friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend... for me, it flew by so fast, but I'm very excited for this week and the promise of fresh, new days...

Great news to share with you — well, she's done it again! Heidi Merrick has created a wow! collection of fashion for Fall 2009... although, she had me the first time I laid eyes on Aunt Judy. You know what I mean...who can resist the luxurious feel of that sultry, saturated, orange number? Honestly. The details, the quality — I couldn't forgo holding her up, even though I knew I wouldn't be able to take her home with me. All thanks to genetics, and earnest prayers from my Mother, I have strawberry blonde hair, and for fear of looking like a giant orange, I simple admire Aunt Judy. However, based on seeing some of these gorgeous new pieces for Fall, I have a feeling that I may not be able to just look!

* How funny, the last ensemble is called "Sarah".

/images via Heidi Merrick/

Friday, August 28, 2009

I Dream...

I dream of a walk-in closet that is more like a dressing room...a place to display my boxes, bags, jewelry and all that is girly...a place to play dress up and come up with new outfits. I have a small, but very chic closet right now, but when I move, I hope to find a place that has much storage! This is so vital in a home. {past posts, here and here} Today, we spent a large part of the day, going through all closets, organizing clothing and accessories into piles: what is good to keep, what is good to give away, and what is to be tossed. All closets look fresh and newly organized, a huge plus for our upcoming shopping trip! It's always good to know what you have so you can build new looks for the new season...

For another super fabulous closet, visit Dress, Design & Decor! {here}

To top off the day, my most massive copy of In Style, September issue, just arrived in the mail! I'm pouring over that, working away, with a nice cup of green tea...This weekend will be mostly a working weekend for me, as usual, but we're going to our favorite sushi spot for dinner tonight :)

Also, I need an honest opinion...what do you think about shiny tights? Fab or faux?
Hope you have a lovely weekend! Any fun plans?

/image 01 link/image 02 link/image 03 link/

Le Fashion en Rose

I came across the work of photographer, Alexi Lubomirski today, and sat for nearly half an hour, completely mesmerized by his captivating photography! This editorial in particular, featuring wide-eyed model, Lisa Cant, is so dynamite and jaw-dropping, I couldn't resist sharing it with you. The rose to fashion comparison is so vivid and beautiful...which one do you like best?

I am particularly inspired by image 08, makeup wise, and would love to try out those colors this weekend! The grays, soft pink, and purple is so lovely and romantic...

Also, A few lovely things to check out...

* A DIY Candy Chandelier
* Soft colored, pretty booties for Fall
* My new, favorite white tee

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Carolyn Quartermaine

I was first introduced to Carolyn Quartermaine's extraordinary work a few years ago by my Mom, who shared with me an editorial featuring her enchanting home in Europe. (Vogue Living magazine) I immediately fell for her romantic sensibility and natural ability to combine powerful fluorescents, whites, and antiques in such a fascinating way. Her work is truly one-of-a-kind and distinguishable. Quartermaine has such a passion for art, and is quite a talented artist, decorator, stylist, and textile designer—though, perhaps, best known for her textile designs, I believe. Have you ever come across someone, whose style is so inviting to your own tastes? I totally feel that way about her work. (although, I might add a few modern pieces as well) I could so easily and comfortably move right in...

Over the years, Quartermaine has completed such a diverse range of projects, from decorative elements for the Sketch restaurant in London, to unique displays in Tokyo, and decorating for the renaissance of the Le Delos hotel on the island of Bendor. She was also named Designer of the year by Maison & Object in 2008. She certainly is an interesting person and I actually had the opportunity to meet with her while I was in Paris last year...

Do you remember this past post, where I was trying to match a room/space to this style of fashion? I think that this comes pretty close! What do you think, friends?

/images link/

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Anthropologie for Fall

Don't you just love Anthropologie? For me, one of the beauties of traveling to the United States, is that no matter which major city you visit, you're almost always guaranteed to find an Anthropologie location! Although, 90% of my shopping is done at boutique stores, (I feel strongly about this) I simply can't resist this shop!

My very first experience was in Manhattan, in Rockefeller Centre, when I was about 16. I had no idea that this store existed, but was immediately drawn in by their unique and captivating window display of ultra-cozy wool sweaters and dresses. It was my birthday and 105 degrees out, but I didn't care! I pulled my Mom inside that store and spent the following hour in somewhat of a trance, both surprised and delighted with each turn and corner! I can still remember one of my favorite displays that was created, with an old bike, propped up against a railing, and adjacent, an old wooden ladder. I couldn't leave the store without buying at least a few pieces...pieces that were so pretty and detailed. (and I still have them!) It's been the same ever since. Each time I visit Anthropologie, I spend half the time enjoying the displays, half the time collecting home and personal fashion, and can never leave without a full bag and a smile on my face...

Which brings me to my next point—soon, I will be visiting Seattle for a mini—vacation, but also to visit some of the stores that we don't have in Canada. I have pulled together a few fabulous pieces from their Fall collections that I hope to check out. Do you shop there? Have you already purchased for Fall there?I would love your opinions!

Another question for you, friends, do you like my newly re—designed header?
You can be perfectly honest, and please do!

/all images are from their site/

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beachy Moments

As summer is coming to an end, (and so quickly it seems!) I do hope to get a day or two to spend near the water — enjoying the seaside scent, sand beneath my toes and wind blowing through my's such a delightful and freeing feeling, is it not? :)

/photography by Mario Sierra/

Monday, August 24, 2009

Detail of The Week

I came across this space today and fell for several fabulous details—the lovely, elongated doors, old herringbone wood flooring, chandelier, modern double chairs, but most importantly, the reading table. What a destination! The look and feel is an unexpected combination of library, gallery and boutique chic. The perfect spot to pull up in a chair, cup of tea in hand, and pour over a book or two...I don't think I could ever leave...

/many apologies, my source for this image has been misplaced/

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fun—Filled Friday

Hello! I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend...with, perhaps some time for yourself, a chance to catch a movie, (has anyone seen the new Coco Chanel?!) or go out for dinner? This weekend is mostly a working weekend for me, but I did enjoy a fun—filled Friday afternoon with my two favorite shopping buddies and scored on a couple of pretty new things for Fall! (for once I wish it were colder!) I will try and post pics soon on my great finds...Until Monday—I hope you enjoy the remainder of the weekend. Sleep well, eat well, (shop well?) and of course, have fun!

/photography by Terry Richardson/

Friday, August 21, 2009

It's Friday!

For me, today marks the first day of Fall shopping! I'm taking the day and heading into town with my fav. shopping buddies, and spending some of my birthday money and gift cards :) Pretty dresses, blazers, tights, and more, are all on the list of must-haves and must-find!

My first stop: Oliver & Lilly's. A great store that carries so many beautiful brands, such as Ali Ro. I have one dress from them; A stunning piece that looks and feels like I'm wearing art. Their Fall collection is no different and offers some lovely pieces for everyday and as well as evenings out. The first dress is definitely going on my must-have list for Fall, as is the gray blazer and sequined tank. What do you think of their collection?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend...

/all images via Ali Ro/
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