Friday, December 18, 2009

Wishing You...

A wonderful weekend! A few things...

I have a guest post coming up – I'm going to be posting my Christmas must-haves from Oliver & Lilly's – be sure to check back! Also, I will be posting a few gift ideas this week, just in case you're stuck or looking for that last special item or two...And lastly, for those that loved Lena's bags, great news! You can indeed purchase them internationally, through

Just in case you missed:

* Simple & Bold Decor

* Detail of the Week
* Fabulous Finds at Fleur Avenue

/I have misplaced the source -- apologies! Any idea?/


  1. The first and third dresses are exquisite. Wouldnt hurt to have her body too!

  2. Wishing you a peaceful weekend dear Sarah, love these images!

    My weekend will be filled with Christmas shopping as I haven't finished with everything I have planned.

    But looks like we going to have a white Christmas here in Norway and I'm so glad for that. Even Christmas shopping will be much more fun like this :-)

    Ps: I'm so excited about setting up a travelling blog as I have so many experiences to share. Especially airport reviews cause some of them are so nice but some of them are really not...I think these informations can be very useful for many of us...I'm happy you like the idea :-)

    Love: Evi

  3. beautiful pictures!

    xx alice ♥

  4. Hi Sarah
    These images are quite dramatic.. I'd love to see the interiors of this location....

    Thanks for stopping by...can you believe I had that imac in a box for 6 months??? haha... time to rest and enjoy now!

    I hope you have a great weekend and I see from a previous post you have a new buddy also!! Have fun ... Julie

  5. Julie -- I was thinking the very same thing! I wonder where it is...


  6. Sarah,
    The pictures here are again fabulous!! The dresses are gorgeous! As always a great post!!
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010!


  7. Great images- love three and four and agree- definitely would like to see more of the interior of the backdrop. Gorgeous!!

  8. hmmm I'm in love with nr. 2! gorgeous! hope you had a lovely weekend!

  9. I do wish the photographer let on where the backdrop is...I'm thinking some beautiful chateau somewhere in Europe...


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