Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shopping Day!

This is the day! Shopping with my Mom downtown – fighting the Christmas traffic – and yet, somehow, I don't mind in the least. We always have so much fun together (we're also best friends) and I can't wait to look for perfect finds for the people that I love! I have been enjoying your blogs so much – your suggestions and gift ideas have been great! So, I wanted to thank you so much for that. I really appreciate the work and efforts that you have taken to put all kinds of ideas and inspiration together ♥

Also, a huge thank you to Charmain, of Beautiful Things to Share, for the awards! I'm off, but will leave you with a few links to visit...

* Sarah Jessica looking cute
* some lovely displays
* warmth & luxe
* cool console tables
* A little Lonny to start your day!

Also, be sure to check back tomorrow, as I am featuring a super sweet shop!

/photo by Terry Richardson/


  1. Oh how fun - Hope you have fun getting lots of lovely loot!

    PS - thanks for the link too ;)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day! I miss shopping with my mum...
    Missed your gorgeous blog so much and am very happy to be back.

    P.S. SJP has something strange going on with her eyes... They are almost vampire-like... Specially the cover photo.

  3. fun editorial + had it saved as well :) -- hope you had a fantastic day shopping with your mom! thanks so much for the link-love and wishing you the happiest of holidays,

  4. Little Rus -- I've missed you, too! I'm so glad you're back :)

    R -- Terry has such a range of work -- but loved this collection of images. It fit exactly how I felt today.

  5. love this image! Hope you had a fun day shopping with your mom!


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