Friday, December 4, 2009

The Season to Sparkle*

I just adore Tiffany & Co. Everything from their sterling silver necklaces to their leather business card holders. But what I love most about Tiffany's is their unfailing ability to make a girl's heart race, to make her ultimately, feel special. All that in a little blue box. They are associated with "Breakfast at Tiffany's", yearly celebrations, and momentous occasions, never to be forgotten.

It's a wonderful thing to be able to own a piece that embodies such complex emotions, thoughts and memories...some may say that it's really all built up in our minds, but, I feel that the connection and fondness stems from our belief and love of dreams and magical moments...

Each Christmas, Tiffany's creates a lovely advertising campaign to win our hearts and put us in the Christmas spirit. I hope you enjoy this year's, showcasing different love stories and expressions of gift-giving. Below, I have selected some beautiful pieces—some great gift ideas for some of the special people in your life. (although, I'm certain, a few might just make it to your own wish list!)

01 Snowflake Pendant. Let it snow. Pendant of round brilliant diamonds in platinum. {$4,250}
02 Bow Ring. Ring with round brilliant diamonds in platinum. Carat total weight .12. {$1,750}
03 Tiffany's 1837 Pendant. A timeless Tiffany favorite. Round pendant in sterling silver. {$305}
04 Tiffany's 1837 Interlocking Circles Bangle. A timeless Tiffany favorite. {$575}
05 Tiffany's Keys Petals Key Pendant. A variety of options and prices.
06 Pearls by the Yard Bracelet. {$305}

01 Tiffany Blue Box Ornament. {$90}
02 Tiffany & Co. Cashmere scarf. Cashmere scarf, blue. {$305}
03 Elsa Peretti Heart Paperweight. An exciting interpretation of Peretti's famous heart design. {$90}
04 Photo Envelope. Picture perfect. Photo envelope in black patent leather. {$115}
05 Tiffany's Blue Box Correspondence Cards. White correspondence cards & envelopes, set of 15. {$40}
06 Tiffany T-Clip Ballpoint Pen. Retractable pen in sterling silver with Tiffany Blue accent. {$175}

Honestly, I would love any pieces in my stocking this year, especially that sweet correspondance set, adorned with the little blue you have a favorite?

Also, I will leave you with a few amazing links that I came across this week:

* Enter to win a beautiful Birkin Bag!
* The World in Vogue (a brand new book)
* Audrey Hepburn's Gowns up for Auction

I wish you a wonderful weekend...

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  1. ohhhh such a sweet ad! love it! wish you a wonderful weekend too, Sarah! xo

  2. Sorry to a Scrooge, but I really hate Tiffany's. They're just as overhyped and mass-produced as any so-called "luxury" brand out there. Their designs are no more original or interesting than the ones you can get at your local mall's chain jewelery store. It's all about packaging and branding. Swooning over the blue box, or their heart-shaped jewelery is like swooning over a Louis Vuitton or Gucci bag plastered with the company's logos. Tacky! Again, sorry to be so negative, I just wish people would think about what they're buying into.

  3. Ohhhhhh my. We are the same person, hahaha. I love Tiffany's! Every piece is so pretty and magical... I love my two pendents I received from my boyfriend, one is the Tiffany heart lock charm, and the other is the cute little pink cupcake charm! I also love there classic engagement setting, it's like the perfect way to hold a diamond! lol... hope you have a wonderful weekend! thanks for the lovely post.

  4. HI Sarah
    Love these images. so beautiful. I think I'd be happy with just the Tiffany blue box.

    I have a male work mate that gives instructions to the other guys in the office on how to buy the perfect gift for the wife. Tiffany's is the first choice of course..

    Have a great weekend x Julie

  5. What a gorgeous campaign! You can never go wrong with a gift from Tiffany's.

    This year, I'm wishing for one of their gorgeous key pendants. (The hubby was a wee bit skeptical but hopefully he'll come through!)

  6. Entering a Tiffany's store is a heavenly experience almost! I have one treasured piece of Tiffany's jewelry (a very special gift from my husband) and it makes me smile every time I wear it. Even the little blue box is a delight; I kept it for earring storage when traveling, because of the memory attached.

    I've been eyeing one of the key pendants for a while; and now, the cashmere scarf, too!

  7. I saw this Tiffany charm in a magazine and it was love at first sight!

    It opens up and there's a pearl inside - so cute!

  8. And a wonderful weekend to you too, my dear!


  9. Oh ! So beautiful all these Tiffany items!!
    Did you see the latest post of Valorie of Visual Vamp blog? It is about Tiffany blue and her Christmas decoration! It is worth a visit!

    Have a nice weekend Sarah!


  10. Oh the little blue box. Yes, they went a little "commercial/mass" but are reigning it back in and I LOVE their advertising.

  11. The video was beautiful, it made me want to cry. Although that may have been due to the fact that I was listening to Frank Sinatra at the same time. Truly emotional. I love Christmas and the whole romance of the season, thanks for sharing!

  12. I've been swooning over their elsa perreti stud earrings for a while now. Gorgeous gifts definitely Sarah!

  13. Daniella -- that sounds lovely!

    Julie -- that's great!

    Averill -- I hope you get your wish :)

    Style Odyssey -- I totally agree. There's nothing like the service and styling of their store. It doesn't matter if you are purchasing an $80 bookmark, or $8,000 engagement ring, the service and attention is consistent.

    Christina -- What a timeless, classic piece.

    Greet -- that is too funny! That is my color scheme for this year as well. I will definitely check out her blog. Thank you.

    Hello, darling -- I nearly cried, too :)

  14. I love Tiffany's...but then again, what girl doesn't :)


  15. That's so true, Marta :)

    I love both their excellence in design and the uniqueness, especially with Elsa Peretti's and Frank Gehry's collections. So subtle...

  16. Wow, you've made quite a campaign for Tiffany, perhaps they should hire you! :)

    I'm head over heels for that gorgeous bow ring!

  17. Such gorgeousness dear Sarah...and I so want that book...that cover totally seduced me :-)

  18. I love my Tiffany's wedding band especially because their "Atlas" collection is unique and I didn't want the usual bling. I wanted understated pretty. The diamonds are not large, but they don't have to be because the one thing about Tiffany's is no matter what the piece is, it is all of the same quality. Their diamonds, no matter what size are all the same high grade, and their gold is 18K, no compromising there. I've owned jewelry from other stores, but the quality from Tiffany's is second to none. They have such a price range that really, there is something for everyone.

    In the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Holly Golightly and "Fred" bring a Cracker Jack ring into Tiffany's for engraving, the gentleman assisting them at Tiffany's treats them with the same respect and wonderful service as if they had purchased the ring there. To this day, that is the service from the sales associates at Tiffany's. If you go into some high end stores, they look you over and decide if they think you can afford their merchandise and treat you accordingly...not so at Tiffany's, everyone is treated equally well.

  19. i love this!! i can't believe i've never seen that video/commercial before, it put a smile on my face for sure... love it!

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