Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Old–Fashioned Way

I can always recall little incidents around Christmas each year it was red wine on my pink sweater, another year, cranberry sauce on my dress. It never fails! Something (or some things in my case!) is spilled! I came across this beautiful laundering service, in Paris, last week – I wish we had a pretty place like this here.

When you walk into the famous Teinturerie Huguet, you will notice the beautiful and elegant antique furnishings and mirrors...Monsieur Jean Levy and his talented staff will freshen up your fashion "the old fashioned way – to the delight of his loyal clientele" with great skill and attention.

For exquisite care of their most favorite garments, Parisians have turned to this shop for assistance since 1850! Located on the Right Bank's Avenue Marceau, this shop has built an impeccable reputation. 'Tis the season for fun fêtes and late date nights, so I have compiled a few tips together, to hopefully help with the laundering of your clothing and accessories...

A Few Helpful Tips:

* To keep silk lustrous, wash in cool soapy water. Rinse well while gently squeezing out soap. Add a lump of sugar or a few drops of lemon juice to the final rinse. Iron on the reverse side wile damp.
* Never iron velvet; instead, apply steam on top to fluff up the nap.
* My own trick? If you don't have time to iron or steam, use your hair dryer on the inside of a garment to fluff and remove most wrinkles! {I figured this out this past summer}
* Avoid storing white clothes in plastic, which can cause yellowing.
* To remove red wine stains, pour white wine on top. Or sprinkle with salt, let dry, brush, and wash normally.
* Re-shine of your leather shoes by polishing them with the juice of half a lemon before a final buffing.
* Maintain patent leather shoes with a fine cloth moistened with milk, Crème fraiche, or Vaseline.

I would love to know, do you have any great tips that have worked like a charm?

/quotes and info. via Victoria Sept. '99 and Jan 2000/
/image 01 and 02 photographed by Christophe Dugied/
/fashion images taken by Mario Sierra/


  1. That suit is gorgeous (but maybe it's just because the model is gorgeous and she's in Paris!). In any case, I too am often spilling things/breaking's frustrating, especially for someone who is as type-A as I am!

  2. I love these tips! The blow dryer instead of an iron is genius!

    Hope you have a lovely day, Sarah!


  3. Sarah, those photos are to die for! I wish I were better at taking out stains, because I've ruined many a garment spilling things. My only tip is that I am a hand-wash maniac and splurge on gentle eco liquid handsoap and/or make my own. It's the only way to keep lingerie and my fav shirts nice.

  4. Such great tips...thanks for sharing them. I especially love your trick with the hair dryer :-)

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year dear Sarah, I look so much forward to read your gorgeous posts in the next year as well!

  5. Mary Jo -- that is so true! I purchase a lot of items without checking the care tag (which I should do!) and end up having to dry clean a great deal. I recently bought a pair of Fidelity jeans and even those recommend dry cleaning. I might just try soap as you have suggested and gently wash them.

  6. Ooh, beautiful pictures!
    Happy new year dear!
    xxx alice ♥

  7. Gorgeous pictures & thanks for the tips!

    Happy New Year!

  8. My only great tip is my miracle worker Dry Cleaner who has managed to get Guinness out of White Cashmere!

  9. You're making me miss Paris so much with all of these French posts lately! They are all so lovely. It's been lovely meeting you this year (even if we didn't get to do it in person!). Happy 2010! xoxo, Ally


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