Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Few Ideas...

The countdown is on! Only a few more days until Christmas! Are you as excited as I? Just in case you're in gift wrapping mode, and perhaps are in need of some fresh inspiration, here are a few ideas for you...

* A few cuts with an x-acto knife and with the addition of some sweet ribbon, you have a customized gift box! Use a black or a funky color cord to create a masculine looking version.
* While you're enjoying some Christmas movies, fold some simple, thick white wrapping paper into folds for a feminine and fancy, pleated look.
* Re-purpose little ornament bags or gather soft pieces of tulle for a delicate envelope for cookies, earrings, or even a gift card. They dress up a gift in such a simple way. Tie with a little glam ribbon.

Don't you just love that quote? I couldn't agree more...Sometimes I find that the more pressure I feel, the more inspired I get to get creative with my gift wrapping. Do you have any fun gift wrapping ideas that you have tried this year?

/image 01 photographed by Caroline Arber
/image 02 photographed by Jacques Dirand/
/image 03 by Caroline Arber (I believe)/


  1. Love these photos, they must be Victoria Mag, am I right? That white linen chair is just beautiful! I am on a burlap kick at the moment and my choc sauce is wrapped with a bit of burlap and a sprig of rosemary from my garden (photos tomorrow at tys!) Hope you are having a good christmas Sarah!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. Oh, sounds lovely, Mary Jo! I cannot wait to see what you have created :)

  3. I love using ribbon with wire so I can shape it into a beautiful bow. If the bow gets smashed, I can just reshape it!
    Paula Grace

  4. I am the worst at wrapping, so usually get the proffesional to do it :( I have yet to master the art, but with every year there are slight improvements :P

    Such beautiful images and inspiration, I love this time of the year...


  5. the top image is stunning! adore the little ribbons at the corners -- such a pretty idea

    merry, merry christmas, sarah! sending you the warmest thoughts,


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