Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dress Up Time

It's always fun, dressing up this time of year, isn't it? (especially being a girl!) I would love to wear any of these dresses for Christmas...perhaps to the theatre, or out to dinner, or to a special event. I am really looking forward to re–working some of my classic favorites as well as adding a couple of great, new pieces to my wardrobe. (such as pretty tights with dainty bows and new jewelry)

One of my favorites being my pink sequined party dress–this year, paired with touches of pewter. Do you have a favorite that you can't wait to wear this year? Or a new dress or outfit you're coveting? What is your favorite place or event to dress up for?–I would love to know...

*Also, I apologize if you have been trying to leave me a comment or two, and have had errors or have been unable to do so. I have received a few emails and I'm not certain what the problem is, but I will email blogger, and hopefully everything will be back to normal soon!

/images taken by Mario Sierra/
/Haute Couture by Georgio Armani/


  1. Oh Sarah...where do you always find these insanely gorgeous images? These dresses are so beautiful I want them all :-)

    I decided to wear a long white dress for Xmas evening...I love white and the different shades of blue in Xmas decorations as well...

    Hope you have a lovely week, much much love: Evi

  2. I was wondering the same thing, Miss Eve! These are fabulous! I just found one at Neiman's on sale and am debating a purchase... But these are GLAMOUR!

    Thank you for your sweet comments too- so important to remember to be thoughtful- I am sure that man you bought cocoa/sandwich for was touched by the Spirit (holiday and otherwise).

  3. The yellow and black (second from bottom)......all mine. Love it.

  4. these are stunning! I just love dressing up although I never get to dress up as much as these.

  5. I have a super fun black dress for an upcoming winter wedding!

  6. Oooo gorgeous! Love the strapless grey/white one.

    I'm definitely hoping to find a sparkly dress for New Year's!

  7. Alas no formal party this year. Guess the oil companies are feeling a strain on their mega-billions & can't be generous enough this year to hold an event. Last year it was a fabulous dinner & dance. Gave us something special to look forward to. It's not quite the holidays when you don't have a reason to don a gorgeous dress. I'll live through you all this season. Beautiful post!

  8. i just love seeing your fashion posts- as much as the interior decor photos. wow! there's not a single gown here that i would not be thrilled to wear!

  9. All stunning but I'd love to see a shot of your pink & pewter party dress -- it sounds divine, Sarah!

  10. I love the third to last photo, for myself...however, all the photos are absolutely stunning

  11. Sarah,
    These dresses are gorgeous! My style!! I could look at these pictures over and over again!!!
    I love them all! Maybe the 3rd picture is the one with my favorite !!
    Thank you so much for sharing!


  12. Wow, amazing dresses! I especially love the first three, but given the option, I'd probably choose the first to wear.

  13. wow this takes glamour to the next level! gorgeous selection of looks here! x

  14. Averill -- you might just get your wish :) I'll see if I can steal David away to take a pic or two.

    I love reading your thoughts on these dresses, thoughts on glamour, & your fav. items...

  15. Wow Sarah,

    These are gorgeous. I could wear several of these dresses. I would love to wear one to the theater, the ballet.... grocery shopping (just kidding).

    Paula Grace

  16. That sounds great, Paula Grace! A very fashionable lady I know says "you can never be overdressed...you never know who you might meet."


  17. Sarah, keep up the amazing work!

    Chris (csebastian)

  18. Wow! It's artwork! Just fabulous!


  19. everything is just stunning! thanks for sharing this :)



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