Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas in a Castle

Spending Christmas in a castle? Oh my! Can you picture it?

How dreamy that would be to spontaneously pack our bags a week before Christmas and fly to this enchanting castle, located in southern France (featured in the images shown in the section below) explore a new country, castle, and stay amongst beautiful, rich antique furnishings, to enjoy the warmth of a roaring fire, and wonderful conversation...maybe even a book or two? To have a simple yet glamorous Christmas – with your loved one or family. Like a breath of fresh air, taking off from your local (and often thoroughly insane) Christmas hustle and bustle, and celebrate. I have a large family and Christmastime is so joyful, exciting and fun, but I'm quite loving the idea of perhaps trying this, even if just one year...

Isn't this castle amazing? "Château de Bagnols is the finest five–star deluxe château hotel in France and is regarded by many as the finest vineyard chateau hotel in the world. Discovered by Lady Hamlyn in 1987 in a derelict state, she painstakingly restored the château with much energy and vision, to its former glory, revealing Renaissance wall and ceiling paintings created during the château's finest period when nearby Lyon was one of Europe's great Renaissance cities.

Dating from the 13th century, the chateau features impressive towers, the original dry moat, honey–coloured stone known as pierres dorées and a dramatic entrance across a drawbridge. The Château de Bagnols is one of France's major historic monuments as well as a unique luxury hotel with 21 of the most superb rooms and suites in France.

Château de Bagnols is set among vineyards, forests and green hills in the heart of the beautiful Beaujolais countryside in south–east France, just 17 miles from Lyon which has an international airport." Hmm...sounds delightful to me!

/image 01 link (captured in beautiful Québec, Canada) /image 02 to 05 by Mario Sierra/
/the reamaining images are via the castle's site in France/


  1. This post is just gorgeous. That castle is such a beautiful place to dream about.. and with so many lovely photos.

    Thank you for posting this Sarah! :)

  2. holy shitballs! can i PLEASE wear that green dress (they are all fab but i am blonde and we look fierce in green)for my christmas eve dinner in that castle?? srsly. best images in blogland.

  3. Oh my, amazing!! I would absolutely love it there!

  4. as always, you take my breath away! this is absolutely beautiful!

    God Bless,

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Wow that castle is so gorgeous. It would be an ideal place to take about 20 friends and just laze the week away. Fantastic. Have a Merry Christmas!

  7. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw these online -- Sarah, I love your idea -- that would be so much fun :)

  8. oh my...that pink room! absolutely gorgeous.

  9. Please tell me who is teh designer of that green dress, it is absolutley gorgeous??????

  10. Hello Anonymous -- I just discovered the designer :)
    (I think, after viewing their site, it is worth a post!) I hope you enjoy...


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