Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Care for a Cupcake?

My very favorite, original Cupcakes shop here in Vancouver, just announced that it is National Cupcake Day! A day to celebrate cupcakes? How delicious! Cupcakes are one of my favorite treats, as is stopping in at this fun shop – which literally looks like sweet, soft, and fluffy candy...or perhaps a really girly dollhouse interior. With choices like "Caramella" – chocolate cake filled with caramel butter cream and sprinkles with praline, or "Versace"– vanilla marble chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream, topped with a chocolate button, who could resist? Check out their website for more selection, details, and pure cupcake goodness. (their cakes are gorgeous, too!)

A few links for the cupcake obsessed...

* A Charming Juicy accessory
* Daisy Pink Cupcake blog
* Sweet DIY ornaments
* Great cupcake recipes

/image 01 and 03 link/
/image 02 via Amy Atlas/


  1. mmmmm.....I love their Red Velvet, Blue Hawaii ...great flavours, there is only one original Cupcakes...all others are only close seconds :)

  2. Ok, now I'm hungry. Love the pink cupcakes though ~ very sweet!
    Paula Grace

  3. I had my cupcake! lol... I made some tonight. I love these pics!

  4. Yummy! I hope you enjoyed some cupcakes today! :)


  5. What a great idea! Although I am a muffin girl, I'd never say no to a cupcake. :) x

  6. Each time I open my page I want something sweet :)

  7. loving these mini cupcakes. makes me feel less guilty

  8. yes, yes and HELL YES! If there's one thing I'm absolutely weak for it's cupcakes...mini or Jumbo:-)

  9. I WILL be having cupcakes at my wedding (now just to find the groom!)

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