Thursday, December 3, 2009

Little Surprises

I'm loving the gift wrapping ideas within this page! Luxurious, floppy bows, dainty flowers, great paper, and even postcards, add such a customized touch to presents. They're almost too pretty to open! I think my very favorite example, though, is the vertically wrapped gift, with the postcard and perfect bow set on top. Do you ever keep cards from previous years? (I always keep the super lovely ones) *Why not cut the written part separate, and save it away, and use the front to add pizazz to a present. Not only will you be re-using something lovely, but the receiver will certainly enjoy the extra detail...

I just couldn't resist showing this page as well—Aren't these little ballerinas just adorable? And what a sweet idea to take the ballerina theme into the trimming of a little roses dress the branches, as clouds of tulle and chiffon ribbon drape the tree for a girly, dreamy look. The perfect idea for little ones, or ultra-girly girls at heart...

/image 01 by Christina Schmidofer -- Victoria/
/image 02 by Tara Sgroi -- Victoria/


  1. oh Sarah, these wrappings are simply exquisite! and those ballerinas too!

  2. Of course such beauty would come from the Victoria magazine. I'm going to have to go steal my mom's!
    We used to make little boxes out of old Christmas cards when I was younger. They looked pretty cute with a ribbon on them hanging from the tree.

  3. Caroline -- oh to be little again!

    Miz November -- I was going through some issues, starting way back in '94 -- their editorials were so amazing, so well thought out and put together. And to think, this is all pre-internet! They are a dreamy source for inspiration :)

  4. That chautreuse bow is stunning!

  5. It never fails to amaze me the inspiration one finds in blogland..., but especially here at Haute Design. Wonderful, wonderful, post + blog!

  6. hmmm some great ideas..
    i have so many old cards and postcards in shoe boxees, this would be a great way to recycle them! :)

  7. Oh so inspiring, I just love the ideas.


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