Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hello, friends! I don't know about you, but I have great hopes for 2010! I believe this will be an amazing year. I'm looking forward to some new projects, concepts, ideas, and inspiration. I have never made New Year's resolutions – instead, I strive for the very same thing, year after year: to learn more, to love more, and live better each day. To be closer to God and to be kinder to those around me. I want to warmly thank you so much for your support on Haute Design! It means so much to me to have your readership, to share in the love of design, and to know that I have caring friends all over this vast world

Whether you are celebrating with a loved one, friends, and/or family, I wish you a fantastic time! May this year bring you lovely surprises, new challenges, great memories, and special moments that will forever be in your minds and hearts. Cheers to an amazing 2010* See you next year!!

/images via TFS/

Just for the Occassion...

Seeing as today is New Years (I'm so excited about 2010!) I thought it was very fitting to share this super sweet bottle opener I came scoot by Anthropologie on your way home from work – this one's too cute to pass up! Uncapping a cold soda or a frosty brew has never been so elegant with this "Castle Key Opener". It would make a great hostess gift and/or grab one for yourself. {I believe they are only $14!)

The other day I came across the work of New York based firm, S.R Gambrel. This segment of the couple's home, completely devoted to their collection and appreciation of wine, is just stunning. I could see wonderful, lively parties, with candles lit everywhere, amazing food, and great music, held in this warm wine cellar...

Do you also enjoy wine? Is there a new favorite you would recommend?

A Few Things To See...

* Layer Cake Wine {one of my new favs!}
* A statement wine label
* A gorgeous, die cut and metallic label

/image 01 via Anthropologie/ /image 02 & 03 via S.R Gambrel/

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Old–Fashioned Way

I can always recall little incidents around Christmas each year it was red wine on my pink sweater, another year, cranberry sauce on my dress. It never fails! Something (or some things in my case!) is spilled! I came across this beautiful laundering service, in Paris, last week – I wish we had a pretty place like this here.

When you walk into the famous Teinturerie Huguet, you will notice the beautiful and elegant antique furnishings and mirrors...Monsieur Jean Levy and his talented staff will freshen up your fashion "the old fashioned way – to the delight of his loyal clientele" with great skill and attention.

For exquisite care of their most favorite garments, Parisians have turned to this shop for assistance since 1850! Located on the Right Bank's Avenue Marceau, this shop has built an impeccable reputation. 'Tis the season for fun fêtes and late date nights, so I have compiled a few tips together, to hopefully help with the laundering of your clothing and accessories...

A Few Helpful Tips:

* To keep silk lustrous, wash in cool soapy water. Rinse well while gently squeezing out soap. Add a lump of sugar or a few drops of lemon juice to the final rinse. Iron on the reverse side wile damp.
* Never iron velvet; instead, apply steam on top to fluff up the nap.
* My own trick? If you don't have time to iron or steam, use your hair dryer on the inside of a garment to fluff and remove most wrinkles! {I figured this out this past summer}
* Avoid storing white clothes in plastic, which can cause yellowing.
* To remove red wine stains, pour white wine on top. Or sprinkle with salt, let dry, brush, and wash normally.
* Re-shine of your leather shoes by polishing them with the juice of half a lemon before a final buffing.
* Maintain patent leather shoes with a fine cloth moistened with milk, Crème fraiche, or Vaseline.

I would love to know, do you have any great tips that have worked like a charm?

/quotes and info. via Victoria Sept. '99 and Jan 2000/
/image 01 and 02 photographed by Christophe Dugied/
/fashion images taken by Mario Sierra/

Monday, December 28, 2009

Detail of the Week

I have been very spoiled this Christmas! A few of my favorite gifts were lovely black lace tights and a limited edition Christian Lacroix' water bottle. How charming it looks on a pure white modern got me thinking about lace as a beautiful detail to add to a space. From paper die cuts to furniture, and frames, a lacy look can pretty up a look, and add a touch of dimension, femininity and decoration to the home. The photos featured above are from Brocade Home. They offer a lovely selection of modern, yet decorative, bold furniture and accessories, styled in such inspiring rooms! It makes me long for an airy, wide home, with luxe pillars and plenty of potential...

A few of my favorite, lace–like products are:

* lacy media storage unit
* laser cut shelf
* ruffled frame hanging shelf
* pattern bent wood chair
* lace cut bath cabinet

Beyond the lacy furniture, don't you just love the white frame, framing the shelf hung in the fourth set of images? What a great way to dress up a plain wall!

/all images via Brocade Home/

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas At?

There is the most elegant frost looks like a sea of glistening diamonds, and as the sun hits, I can't help but admire the winter wonderland...Don't you just love this time of year? Besides all of the Christmas activities and festivities, it is the very best time to walk alongside a loved one, hot chocolate in hand, and peek into decorated shop of my favorites? Tiffany's! A tiny inset window, brimming with surprises.

This year, I was delighted to find beautifully curated, delicate paper scenes – a miniature, magical winter wonderland...this is the work of Zoe Bradley. She is one of my favorite display designers, specializing in the most incredible paper displays that I have ever seen. On her well–designed site, she also features a sweet little video, demonstrating these window displays in action! Portfolio > window installations > Tiffany & Co. (second one) > click on the very last image.

I just adore window display design, decor and merchandising. It's one of my favorite things to do.
Do you enjoy it also, and have a favorite?

/all images via Zoe Bradley's site/

Thursday, December 24, 2009

How Could I Resist?

Oh, Christmas is my very favorite time of year! The love, joy, and fun of it all...Today, my sweet David came across these perfectly wrapped presents! Just in case you have to wrap a few more, I couldn't resit sharing this beautiful DIY with you! Aren't these just amazing?

Just in case you missed...

* Christmas in a Castle
* Merry Christmas {from me}
* Go Glam this Christmas!
* A Rouge Pout
* Last Minute Gift Ideas

I hope you are enjoying some wonderful and warm Christmas festivities*

/thank you to David! /image via

Merry Christmas!

"It is, indeed, the season of regenerated feeling – the season for kindling, not merely the of hospitality in the hall, but the genial flame of charity in the heart."

{Real Simple Magazine, December '09}

I wish you a very Merry Christmas, full of warm memories, beautiful moments, and most importantly, love. Take time to enjoy the little chocolate, candles, carols, sweets, hugs. Thank you for you friendship, kindness, and for the fun we've had this year! I'm off to visit your wonderful blogs, finish up with gift deliveries, and then head out to a wonderful Christmas Eve church service. Merry Christmas*

/image taken by myself, display in my Mom's library/
/styling by Jacquelyn Klassen/

Christmas in a Castle

Spending Christmas in a castle? Oh my! Can you picture it?

How dreamy that would be to spontaneously pack our bags a week before Christmas and fly to this enchanting castle, located in southern France (featured in the images shown in the section below) explore a new country, castle, and stay amongst beautiful, rich antique furnishings, to enjoy the warmth of a roaring fire, and wonderful conversation...maybe even a book or two? To have a simple yet glamorous Christmas – with your loved one or family. Like a breath of fresh air, taking off from your local (and often thoroughly insane) Christmas hustle and bustle, and celebrate. I have a large family and Christmastime is so joyful, exciting and fun, but I'm quite loving the idea of perhaps trying this, even if just one year...

Isn't this castle amazing? "Château de Bagnols is the finest five–star deluxe château hotel in France and is regarded by many as the finest vineyard chateau hotel in the world. Discovered by Lady Hamlyn in 1987 in a derelict state, she painstakingly restored the château with much energy and vision, to its former glory, revealing Renaissance wall and ceiling paintings created during the château's finest period when nearby Lyon was one of Europe's great Renaissance cities.

Dating from the 13th century, the chateau features impressive towers, the original dry moat, honey–coloured stone known as pierres dorées and a dramatic entrance across a drawbridge. The Château de Bagnols is one of France's major historic monuments as well as a unique luxury hotel with 21 of the most superb rooms and suites in France.

Château de Bagnols is set among vineyards, forests and green hills in the heart of the beautiful Beaujolais countryside in south–east France, just 17 miles from Lyon which has an international airport." Hmm...sounds delightful to me!

/image 01 link (captured in beautiful Québec, Canada) /image 02 to 05 by Mario Sierra/
/the reamaining images are via the castle's site in France/

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Go Glam this Christmas!

Beautiful jewelry, combined with luxe makeup and glamorous locks make for a such a stunning, festive look! As parties are frequent, and Christmas dinners (and day) are just around the corner, here are a few of my favorite looks for hair and makeup...


* Full, loose curls without a defining part
* Easy, tousled waves
* A messy-chic updo with a proper headband
* A Victorian-esque wavy updo


* Sweeping, individual lashes
* Silvery eye shadows
* Boldly lined lids
* Nude or statement raspberry lips
* Complimentary nails

These beautiful pieces are all from Anthropologie. They offer a classic look and will finish off your outfit perfectly, with a bit of pizazz, whether you're opting for a bold, colorful ensemble, or a classic neutral one. For a more budget-friendly approach, one of my favorite things to do is add velvet ribbon to a piece that I have already. If you are not a jewelry person, but want some dazzle, try New York Nat's pretty headbands, available at Henri Bendel.

Whether you're in need of a few new pieces, or know someone who would love a new item or two this Christmas, I hope these links and ideas have helped to inspire your look this Christmas. Have you decided what look you are going for?

A Few More Jewelry Links...

* My new bow ring
* Pretty in Pearls
* Lolo...oh so dainty
* A la Coco Chanel
* Marta: Liv by Au Lit

/images in first set, photographed by Ishi, Wish Magazine Holiday 2008/
/images in second set via Anthropologie/

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