Saturday, November 28, 2009

Weekend Inspiration

I hope that all of my friend's down south are enjoying a lovely Thanksgiving! As of this week, my Christmas decorating has officially begun. Sparkling mini chandeliers in the bay window, large, snow dusted branches in corners adorned with mini diamond—shaped lights, cozy details, and plenty of warm textures and fabrics...Have you begun your decorating? I am certain that you are busy enjoying the festivities, but wanted to share a few great links with you, just in case you decide to take a few moments of quiet, away from all the fun :)

Front & Company A great shop here in Vancouver that houses an eclectic mix of gently worn, vintage finds and new items. From Kensie to Prada, to books, shoes, and perfumes, this place is a treasure trove, and you're sure to leave happy. (Today was my first visit)

Jane in Paris! One of my all time favorite bloggers, Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes, is currently in Paris, soon to attend a decadent debutante ball! Did I mention that she is going to be wearing Chanel? Be sure to visit her site for a sneak peak of her adventure.

Mika 78 A super dreamy place...I believe every inch of this space is pretty.

Buckled Beauties These boots will forever haunt me! I have seen them repeatedly in the past month or so, and each time, they send my heart racing. If you feel the same, I have good news for you! I came across a similar pair here, but for less.

Deck the Walls I'm loving this great post by Skyla, of Sanity Fair. That particular image, showcasing wrapping paper on a white wall looks like a fun idea—a perfect little project post-Christmas when the snow takes over and you're stuck indoors.

A Yellow Christmas An unconventional and stunning look. If you are a fellow bow lover, I bet you will love this simple but bold idea.

Shoes & Shelves The most chic shoe storage solution I have come across yet! (I must say, I adore that unique and cozy lucite chair as well)

*I hope you have a wonderful, much inspired weekend, friends!
I truly appreciate your visits and thoughtful comments.

/images via Kensie/


  1. dear sarah...i hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving... and please come back for another visit soon! God bless you... xx pam

  2. nice weekend inspiration!
    i hope you had a great thanksgiving!! :)


  3. Hi Sarah,
    My Christmas decorating will begin tomorrow! My brother and his family are visiting today. My three large teenage nephews will eat all our Thanksgiving leftovers ~ YAY! Love your selection of posts and places to visit. I saw the yellow Christmas ~ how cheerful is that?! I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend. See you Monday :)
    Paula Grace

  4. Pam -- I would love to get together with you again for a visit and shop :)

    Bralliz -- you, too!

    Paula Grace -- Sounds like fun! Boys eat like nothing I've ever seen before. Have a lovely weekend :)

  5. Dear Sarah, I'm so happy to finally catch up with your beautiful blog...your posts are turning me head over much beauty and gorgeousness!

    I love the photo about you on the Ode to Pink post, you are truly beautiful.

    The Mario Sierra photos just totally made my day :-)

    Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend...

    Much love: Evi

    Ps: I will definitely vote to your site :-)

  6. adore these! so soft and pretty -- thanks so much for including me your round-up and hope you had a lovely, lovely weekend, sarah!


  7. Hi Sarah,
    Hope you had a beautiful weeknd.

    I love your weekend pretty. And I just check out Jane's ball pics, she looked so cute :) Lucky girl!

    xo, Marta

  8. these photos are fabulous. stunning. breathtaking. thanks for sharing!


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