Friday, October 2, 2009

I Love Autumn!

Welcome to a new month! I'm not sure about yourself, but I'm really looking forward to October... To me, it means cool, dewy mornings, the Cranberry festival, pumpkins, pie, candles, long drives in the countryside, boots, luxe knits, and ultra cozy blankets...

One thing I also look forward to is socks. {Yes, socks} Specifically those that have been lovingly handmade in all sorts of colors by my Grandma. She knits beautifully, and makes me gloves, scarves, hats, whatever I need, to accommodate my outfits :) My current fav. is a soft pink toque made from baby yarn— non itchy and perfect for those bad hair days or when it's pouring buckets outside! What do you like most about Fall?

Click here to see the most beautiful pie that I have ever seen!

/image 01 link/image 02 link/image 03 link
image 04 link/image 05 link/


  1. oh yes- LOVE all things pumpkin! And the second image is great- classic, modern- perfect.

    Happy Fall!

  2. I like socks too- maybe because my feet are permanently freezing. Cranberry fest sounds amazing! I'm headed to an apple fest this weekend, cant think of a better way to mark the season than to celebrate its fruits :)

  3. Fall is fantastic. Pumkin cakes and warm jackets. The air is so clean smelling. The colors are AMAZING here in the NC mountains.

  4. oh I looove all the images you have picked for fall! that dress is stunning! hope you have a lovely autumn weekend! xo

  5. These pictures are great! Love the collection of different things, flowers, dresses, interiors... Absolutely lovable!

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  7. I just read your comment at my place! No way! I always knew you had great taste. ;) Congratulations on your new acquisition!

    I love fall as well and I think this may be my favorite fall related post of all the ones I've seen lately. The first and last photos are gorgeous.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy your new beautiful chair!

  8. I love Fall too! I love sweaters and warm socks. I also have a couple of cool Fall jackets that I'm itching to wear. We bought two pumpkin just last night!

  9. checked out the pie, it's definitely gorgeous! happy weekend sarah & to all of you, I have a little giveaway at my blog, hope you could check it out!

  10. the pic of the gloves and scarf, and the one of the pumpkin pie make me glad it's fall :) - of course along with the crisp air in the morning

  11. Me too :) Typically, I'm cold, but there's something about this nice, fresh Fall air that keeps me refreshed...

  12. i, too, love fall very much! it's such an exciting time of the year... the colors, the change in weather, knowing that the holidays are just around the corner..ahh, love it! these are great pictures! thanks for sharing :)

  13. this post makes me feel so warm and fuzzy.

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