Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Award + 10 Style Truths

Thank you so much to the very lovely, talented and witty Skyla, of Sanity Fair, for the "Honest Scrap Award"! Below, you will find a very honest account of 10 Style Truths about me. I have taken a slightly different twist, and have outlined some of the style rules I follow, how I make style decisions, etc. Many of these I have learned from observing my Mother, or have read in a magazine, or have learned from experience over the years. You may agree, disagree, or feel indifferent. Regardless, I would love to hear your thoughts!

01 I seriously detest crocs. Unapologetic, yes, but I cannot stand them! My friend came across a YouTube video in which there was a burning of crocs. Made me smile.

02 I have a very tight, but nice collection of footwear. I select comfortable, often more classic shoes, (90% black) that can be paired with different pieces.

03 I like to spend more money on classic pieces that are versatile and can help to achieve different looks—from casual days of coffee dates and errands, to evenings out for dinner. Admittedly, I do sometimes fall into the trend trap, but I tend to spend less on those pieces. (think H&M)

04 My buying rule: If I don't love it, I forget about it. I have forgone "liking" or "sort of liking" an item. If I'm not feeling "wow" or fabulous when I put something on, or if it's not flattering on me, I say no.

05 For greater investments, like a chair, winter coat or a handbag, I make myself walk away for 24 hours to contemplate my decision. If, the next day, I'm feeling so anxious to return and purchase that item, I will. If I feel like I have searched out and have found that item that is best suited, I go back. If I feel like I have to have it, I do. I have learned the hard way, ending up with an item or two, hanging in my closet, unworn, all thanks to impulse shopping.

06 I have learned that it is best to dress in styles that suit you, your body and your lifestyle/personality. Stay true to your personality and work what you've got! Confidence is key. One of my greatest fashion influences was a lovely lady, who wore the most glamorous outfits, even if she was just running to the mailbox. It was her. She loved to dress up every single day. She felt most comfortable and best like that, and it showed.

07 Find a single, perfect piece—the kind that covers a multitude of feelings, looks, and days. The kind of piece that no matter which day of the month you throw it on, you feel great. Last year, I found a trench that makes me feel like that. It's black, has many qualities of a dress, and is exquisitely detailed. I wear it with jeans, tights, dresses, scarves, color, just black, etc. I can add/subtract to make it a little different. It's my go—to item.

08 Edit, edit, edit. This goes for fashion and home decor. I have learned to let go of things that I "might use one day" or were a gift and perhaps not my style or doesn't fit my needs. I refuse to return things, especially gifts, but there is a fine line of using/wearing something simply because it was a gift, and just letting it collect dust. Be selective, way the odds, and if you're really not feeling something, I bet that you could find someone that would love it. I often donate to a women's shelter. This shelter helps battered women (often with children) to flee from their unfortunate situations, and get on their feet. For example, I was gifted a simple, black purse. Well, I have about 8 black purses, and figured that every lady needs a simple, black handbag, so I gave it away.

09 I don't bring something into my home unless I know where it's going, or what it's going with. Most often, those things end up in a closet, and completely forgotten. There is the very odd instance that I have gone in search of something that has been stored away.

10 Strictly utilitarian items are my enemy. There's no fun in it, and hey, you only live once. I'm not saying purchase something just based on looks, but way the odds of functionality and beauty. Often the best designed objects project beauty, but offer functionality as a secondary, but well—thought—out element. I have been known to accommodate myself or my space for a beautiful item. (like that ultra chic phone)

The most important thing: have fun with style!

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  1. AH! I am freaking out over that first photo... so pretty! And I agree with you 100% on this whole post, lol. I hate crocs so much, i'd like to see this youtube video, hahaha... and I too have learned the hard way that it's best to buy quality items... it's hard to explain to some people why I chose the more expensive white tee until they saw the super stretched after 3 washes GAP version. Love, love, love all your points!

  2. LOVE your style truths- plus the gorgeous pics! sweet blog!

  3. Excellent post. I do the same things (especially 4 and 5).

  4. Definitely agree with your list, ESPECIALLY #1. No crocs. Ever.

  5. Good advice and I LOVE that first photo! Plus I'm exactly the same about waiting to make a big purchase, sometimes I'll even wait a few weeks.


  6. Great post - your advice will definitely help me build my wardrobe

  7. Thank you Sarah, and as usual, you picked THE most exquisitely beautiful images out there to illustrate your points!!! Your blog comes closest to being an online style magazine of any I've seen.
    I love number 10 - I've adapted that in my life lately (need a pencil, find a pretty one) and I have to say it's great - instead of just hanging around, those practical little objects can elevate a room and improve your mood!

  8. Great job. I am different as to #5 and #9. If I see something and instantly know I have to have it, I know to buy it. If I have to ponder it, I don't buy it. I don't need to know where something is going. If I love it, I will find a way to make it work.

  9. I am so with you on everything you's like you took the words out of my mouth honestly!

    P.SThat first picture is perfection on soooo many level :)

  10. Daniella -- I did too, when I came across it! :)

    Skyla -- you're such a kind person!

  11. Great tips, Sarah! Many of which I try to follow myself - like sleeping on a big purchase for at least a night and buying things only that you love (and not just like).

    Thanks for sharing your style truths with us :)

  12. Wow, sarah awesome style guidelines to live with! No. 5 , so true! I don't have a lot of pieces myself & rarely go for trends & yes, if it'a big purchase, I wait, sometimes for weeks! :)

  13. what a wonderful post!! I used to buy the likes but I have noticed that lately I rather wait for the LOVES.. it takes more time to find them but I have find it totally worth!


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