Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Things That Make Me Happy

I'm one of those people who is very excited about life. I love meeting people, seeing new places, and discovering new things. Some people call it a zest for life. I call it passion. I am passionate about many things...about the nature that God has created...about a stunning dress, draped perfectly over a mannequin in a window display. To me, all beauty is a reflection of God's gifts—gifts that he has given us to enjoy. And on that note, I admit, I do enjoy much!

Blogging is a very healthy way to deal with the things you are passionate about—to share with others the joys and great finds that you enjoy...I was recently tagged by the beautiful (inside & out) Eve, of Absolutely Ladylike, to come up with 6 things that make me happy. Challenging? Oh yes. However, I love a good challenge, and have dug deep to come up with some specific things that make me happy, to share with you.

No.1 Surrounding Myself with Beautiful Things.
I feel most inspired when I'm working around beautifully designed objects. (Though, they don't have to cost a fortune) From simple closet organizers, to a fresh bouquet of flowers to my Mac, I work and feel my best when I'm surrounded by things I like and appreciate— things that inspire my imagination and jump start my thinking.

No.2 Textures.
Hundreds of years old stone in France, beautiful, worn wood, a soft dress made of silk, or designing with lovely paper. I cannot help my obsession! The feel of a fresh magazine gets me every single time, as well. Did I mention how much I adore ribbon? :)

No.4 A Good Movie or Book.
I love getting ready in the morning, with a movie playing in the background, especially those I am very familiar with, such as "The Devil Wears Prada", "Under the Tuscan Sun", "Chocolat", and "A Good Year". It's a delight! I must have seen them 100 times, but I laugh when I read that a few others have watched these as much as I have—I feel a little better knowing that!

I get lost in books so easily...I love reading a novel, where the story begins to take shape, so much so, I can almost picture the characters and play the scenes out in my mind. Books can be so meaningful and are often very reflective of a certain time in your life...

No.4 Being Surrounded by People.
From sweet dates with the man I love, to reading your blogs, to meeting other creatives, to watching a movie with my family—I love to be surrounded by people who also love life, inspire me, and are enjoyable to be around.

No.5 Traveling.
Staying in hotels, exploring new places, seeing new things, tasting new foods, etc. It's such a luxury, and I enjoy the experience so much. I love culture, design, and architecture, so traveling is one of my favorite things to do...especially when it involves France...

No.6 Waking up early.
Not that this happens too often! However, I enjoy the early morning sunshine, so warm...the house so quiet...and coffee, so's such a peaceful way to start the day...

I hope you have enjoyed my little list of things that make me happy. I tried to think simply to make things a little easier. I am happy to now pass the task onto 6 ladies, randomly selected, of these lovely blogs, to come up with a list of 6 things that make them happy:

* Fashion Titbits

* Plush Palate
* Simply Seductive
* Paula Grace Designs
* From the Right Bank
* An Interior World

I hope you have fun, ladies! I cannot wait to see your picks!

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  1. Lovely list. I, too, feel that all things good come from God. Sometimes when I get a really great idea I just have to look up and say "Hey, thanks! I couldn't have thought of that myself."

  2. The more I get to know you, the more I'm convinced we'd totally hit it off as friends if we met :) What I love about the blog community is that it has put me in touch with likeminded individuals who see the substance in beauty/style, where others either overlook it or think it vain. Thanks for tagging me! I will definitely post on what makes me happy!

  3. such a lovely post, Sarah! your list is just wonderful. I can see that we agree a lot! beautiful images too! have a great day! xo

  4. Hello, darling! First of all, thank you for choosing me!!! Such an honor to be picked by somebody I admire so much. Secondly, I LOVE your answers. It's like you were reading my mind... I agree with everything you've mentioned. You know I also love Under the Tuscan Sun. Not many people know about this movie, but it's one of my favourite. And the photos you used are beautiful...

    I simply adore this post.


  5. i love your list, everything is so beautiful! your taste is impeccable. i always enjoy your blog every time i visit. yours is truly one of my most favorites. yes, i agree, all beauty is a reflection of God. have a lovely day!

    God Bless,

  6. Oh MY, I have been nominated! YAY! Thank you! Now I am off to come up with things that make me happy!


  7. Lovely pictures, absolutly beautiful!

    xox / alice

  8. LOVE, LOVE your blog!
    Just came across it from Desire to Inspire.

    Jen Ramos

  9. those floral wedges in the first pic make me VERY happy

  10. I love your list and I'd have to say that both travel and being surrounded by beautiful things (big, small, pricey or free) would both make my list.

    Oh and don't feel bad about watching movies over and over -- I must've seen Love Actually and Bridget Jones a 100 times each myself!

  11. ok...meeting you was so fun and now reading about what you value... completely what i am all about... GOD and friends and all the other beautiful things that HE has made in this world... wow. i am so glad we met.
    x pam

  12. Honestly, you and I should just become best friends... if I was to make the list- all of those things would be on it... :)

    P.S. I am a HUGE book lover and I really love your movie selection. "Under the Tuscan is such a wonderful movie that not many people have seen.

    Beautiful post!

  13. Thank you so much!

    I cannot wait to see what these 6 ladies choose :)

  14. I love the shoes in the first picture, and this is a really cute post ♥

  15. Aren't you sweet for asking me! I feel a blog post coming on ~ I'll have to think a bit but I am pretty simple. I can say one thing ~ I love reading blogs :) In fact, I had work I should have done today but I ended up reading blogs and writing up interview questions. There's always tomorrow :)

  16. Paula Grace -- I can totally relate! I said the very same thing the other day. Nearly 2 hours went by, while I was looking for one, single image...

  17. Oh dear Sarah, you "worked" out this post in such a beautiful way. I enjoyed reading every characters in this post, not to mention the gorgeous images. It's so lovely to discover we love things for the same reasons...traveling, early mornings (oh yes and that's not happening so often with me either :-) beautifully designed things...I just LOVE the way you LOVE life (not sure this sentence made any sense btw).

    Also thanks for mentioning me in such a beautiful way...

    You are an angel and I'm so lucky I discovered your gorgeous blog and have connected with you.

    Much much love: Evi

  18. I so love this post of yours! and so true for me too

  19. I love this list and I love your blog! Will make my own list too :D



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