Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oliviers & Co.

Another fabulous shop we visited in Seattle—for the lover of good food, a person with discerning taste buds, and for those who appreciate a truly beautiful atmosphere. I love going in there with my Mom, who is an exceptional cook, and can never leave without at least an olive oil tin and bouquet garnis! My very first experience with O & Co. was in Avignon, France...I love the warm colors and feel of France, as you can see so evidently in this store...doesn't it make you want to cook? I highly recommend going in, if there is one local to you. A big plus—they offer taste testing, as well!

"It began with a true fascination with the Mare Nostrum, its countryside, its light, and its legendary tree, the olive. A very human adventure, built on happy accidents, decisive meetings, and relationships between gourmets. An immense respect for people and their expertise, an insistence on quality, and real concern for authenticity and sharing in an increasingly divided world. A sense of and respect for tradition, revisited in the light of modernity and originality. A demanding future, a desire for transparency and traceability for a consumer who respects nature and the environment. And finally: places for discovery and conviviality, where unimagined tastes and smells come together." {quote via their site}

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  1. mmmmmm....tres bon! the basil olive oil and the lemon olive oil are both perfect in salads, and blend so nicely with avacado...also add wonderful flavour to stir fries. The Avignon shop also had such a wonderful assortment of pottery :)

  2. This place looks fabulous! I will check if Chicago has one, otherwise visit the Seattle location when I am there :)

  3. Hi Sarah
    I am such a lazy cook [live alone] but these warm colourful images make me want to get in the kitchen! Have a great week. x julie

  4. It looks lovely! I am obsessed with anything remotely related to France, so this excites me tremendously haha, looks like you had a great time ♥

  5. A beautiful, intelligent philosophy and stunning presentation-my gosh! Would love to shop there! Wendy xxx


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