Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fashion! Fashion! Fashion!

Can you hear the music?! Are you enjoying Fashion Week as much as I am?
Some of my favorite blogs have been featuring a number of the beautiful collections that we've been seeing on the runways—which is great because it's so nice to be able to see the pieces in more detail! So, thank you to those who have shared snippets of fashion delight for Spring of 2010* A few of my favorites so far are:

* Burberry Prorsum
* Pringle of Scotland
* Luella

If you haven't had a chance, also visit for some great little secrets and ideas :) And while you're at it, be sure to check out Jane Aldridge's blog, "Sea of Shoes"— featuring her recent fitting experience at Chanel in Paris! Not only does it makes me miss and long to return to Paris, but it's lovely to see a dream come true—I would love to do this one day, wouldn't you? To see more lovely images, visit Judy Aldridge's blog, Atlantis Home. I guarantee, you will be addicted to her style! I have been following her blog since February, and have found that she is truly a wonderful and warm person...

Lastly, tomorrow morning, my little guest post on Makeunder My Life will be up—a piece that is a part of Jess' thoughtful Design Your Life Series. I hope you like it! It took me 3 days to come up with the literature for I couldn't narrow down my thoughts it seems! I'm pretty shy about having my picture taken, and I always end up looking younger than my actual age. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy it, and have a lovely night, wherever you are...

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  1. Love this collection! Half the fun of fashion week is the spectators.
    Look forward to seeing your guest post tomorrow x

  2. I want to dive into their closets and live there happily ever after. :) Running off to read that post about Chanel. I think every woman deserves this experience at least once in her life, although not every woman can really afford it, unfortunately. Who knows, maybe Chanel will design something for H&M, too. :)
    Yesterday morning I fell in love with Burberry Prorsum and spent my evening browing their website, dreaming and planning.
    Can't wait to see Miland and Paris!


  3. These people all know how to dress! ;)
    I especially love the completely black and completely white outfit!
    Oh, and Burberry´s new collection is in one word: Pure perfection (ok, two words!)

  4. Great photos! I love that scarf! Burberry is just freaking amazing for spring... if only I could afford it! lol

  5. Love your guest post. I truly agree with your advice. And that was exactly what I needed this morning.
    And you are soo pretty, girl! Great pics.

  6. Great guest post! I just read it... you write so well! Lovely pics too.

  7. Wow. Lace Louboutin booties. I think I'm in love.


  8. The booties are fantastic, I totally agree! Miz November ~ you make me blush!


  9. Wow, I'm not sure I could pull off all the fashions shown but I have a great time looking at them all!

  10. what fun for you!!
    i love these images.


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