Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Asli Tunca

Some super chic inspiration to start off your day! Yesterday, I discovered this incredibly beautiful, new—to—me company, Asli Tunca, which was featured in House and Garden UK, September 2009. Specifically, that gorgeous choral bed above had been showcased in a spread, peaked my curiosity and lead me to their site...and what a treat it is! Turns out, this great husband and wife team encompasses many amiable talents combined, including artistry, a history in antique restoration, decorating, and fashion design. To top it off, they have a beautiful showroom in Turkey, in which they showcase some of their work in a space that is both authentic and lovely. The unique, minimalist layouts suggest a more gallery—style of living, which I adore.

The duo seem to have a natural knack of putting together pieces of history and depth with bits of modern and classic elements. With an appreciation and keen eye for quality, a love of aesthetics, and backed with their skill and knowledge, it's no wonder this is the result...and what a captivating result it is...

/all images via their site/


  1. Love, LOVE! I had thought I was not a gold person in decorating but am realizing I love gold accents such as the ones you've featured here. Thank you!

  2. omg! I love all the detailed work on the furniture pieces! stunning! xo

  3. Just stunning! All of those images are gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous rooms! Love the gold touches...

  5. I love it all-but that bed-I am weak in the knees!

  6. love love love this post! Beautiful inspiration! Hope you are doing well! P.s.-those layettes were gorgeous! :)

  7. I love the spaciousness, the colors, and the FLOORS! Gorgeous!

    xo Mary Jo

  8. I think the staircase was one of my fav. features :)

  9. I'll take the doors, and the floors, and the windows, and the staircase and the mirrors, or I could just move in :|

  10. Gorgeous! That coral bed is to die wonder it grabbed your attention. Thanks for sharing, Sarah!

  11. Sarah, this is seriously one of my favorite posts! Every single image here is to die for - I could stare at each for hours!

    Thanks for introducing me to another great company!


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  13. Love these pics! The rd coral bed is wonderful. Its amazing what we find when we look at shelters from abroad!

  14. Geez Sarah ~ how many awards can you be nominated for?! All well deserved :)


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