Friday, July 17, 2009

Sarah Louise Photography

I love these photos! Absolutely enchanting... they inspire me to glam out with fabulous waves, long strings of pearls and sweet headbands...hmm, may have to invade Mom's pearl collection. Can you wear a headband when you have a full bang? (which is what I have) I don't know...let me know what you think :) I would love some opinions...

I'm liking her soft, subtle makeup, too. It is my personal preference for summer to wear more neutral shades during the day...and I'm sorry, but those legs go on forever!

/Photography by Sarah Louise/Styling by Irene Darko/


  1. So beautiful Sarah! You have such a way of finding lovely things.

  2. I've never had bangs, but I love headbands. I want the flower corsage/pin in the last photo.

  3. She is a winderful photographer. She captured the essence of femininity. Beautiful.

  4. beautiful images, I love that softness in her style

  5. oooh it's my picture!! thanks cause the rest of the stuff on the page is beautiful it's in good company!!! :))


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