Saturday, July 25, 2009

Naturally Pretty

Sometimes, it's nice to go the natural or the less is more look with makeup. I find this particularly attractive during summer months, when often showing off glowing skin with a touch of eye makeup will do the trick. {MAC eyeshadow in "kid" works so well} Combined with a glamorous look, with details of silver, gold and copper, it becomes ladylike and elegant. I certainly can't go without makeup, nor do I appear this lovely when I first wake up, but with this look, who's to know any different?


/Inguna Butane by Greg Kadel for Allure, June 2006/


  1. I absolutely adore these images.

    Make up should enhance your natural beauty rather than distract from it. I love wearing minimal make up that looks natural.... and beautiful.

  2. a very pretty look!

    i've been getting by with black mascara and either nars lipgloss or red lipstick this summer. that's it. it feels nice (and it's practical) to have a bare face in the summer heat.

  3. Wow, what a beauty this girl is! I do love the natural look ~

  4. gorgeous. although i am sure she is swimming in makeup. and airbrshed to perfection too. they add that glow in editing.
    still this is what my makeup aspires to be every day.

  5. I love how the Mac Bronzer "Golden" adds that beautiful glow you see in these photos...sun-kissed

  6. It's absolutely beautiful and ladylike :-)
    However I think this is the most difficult make up to prepare: wearing a make-up but still look natural...

    Hope you have a lovely Sunday dear Sarah, much love: Evi

  7. Oh how embarrassing - you found those pictures of me after I'd just woken up!

    in all seriousness, these photos are making me wish I hadn't dyed my hair darker - and happy that I'll soon be going back to a little more blonde...


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