Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Hot!

Trop chaud! It's too hot today! I have escaped to the basement from this sudden heat wave in hopes of being able to cool down...instead, though, I would love to escape to a pretty place like this and have a nice, sweet treat avec air conditioning :)

*Be sure to visit again tomorrow for Haute Design's First Anniversary as well as the introduction to a new, weekly series, and a fantastic giveaway. (our very first!)

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  1. The pink is divine!!!

    Happy anniversary tomorrow! xoxo

  2. This place is incredible! I'll be here tomorrow! Bye!

  3. Have you been here-Sweetiepie in Greenwich Village? So cute!

  4. ok...definitely a spot to love! Thanks Style Redux 2 for informing on its NYC trip will definitely include a stop here!

  5. ok, well, I'd actually like to go there right now :)

  6. Beth: I would love to visit this little place! I've only been to Cafe Lalo in NYC. It must be fairly new? When I visit again, it's a must-see :)


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