Monday, July 27, 2009

Good Morning!

What a weekend! It has been quite lovely (and hot!)...I spent some time with my Mom, went to an amazing art show hosted in an incredible garden, had dinner with friends of the family, (well, before dinner, we had an amazing tropical-like storm that took us by surprise!) did some shopping, visited with my grandparents, housework, work (designing), and read...I need to read more, I love and miss it!

How was your weekend?

/image via Tiffany & Co./


  1. My weekend expanding.... what the heck does that mean?? We expanded our family to include a rescue dog ~ Millie ~ a sweet terrier mix. She is like velcro ~ by your side all the time. We are learning each other. Lauren, my daughter, is learning the responsibilites and love of a caregiver. Its fun to watch! Thanks for asking.

  2. That is so sweet! :) You are such a caring person, Paula Grace. What a wonderful addition to the family Millie will make. I bet Lauren is SO excited. (and you also, of course!)Watching children with animals is so heart warming - a relationship that quite beneficial to both of them I think :)

  3. oh so delicate image! you always find the most lovely ones! xo

  4. Oh how I love everything Tiffany's. They're branding images are always so pretty and delicate... a lot of photoshopping i'm sure, but I still love it!

  5. Sounds like you had a full and fun weekend! Mine was the complete opposite :) I stayed in all weekend like a homebody (I secrectly love weekends like that!). I adore the time catching up around the house, snuggling up with a good book and glass of wine, and catching up on movies and TV!

    And thank you for your comment last Friday, Sarah. I think you totally get it and where my heart is at :)

    Have a great evening!


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