Friday, July 17, 2009

A Canvas for Creativity

I'm not married yet, and therefore, my space is completely my own for now. The floors are concrete (though finished nicely) and the walls are white with modern moulding work, which gives me the lovely freedom to experiment as I wish! In summer, my color scheme reflects a soft and romantic look, think Ladurée or Marie Antoinette, and during the winter months, a very dramatic and bold color scheme, think Designer's Guild. My favorite thing to do is to use my space as if it were a canvas play with different colors and styling, to learn and experiment. I find it so inspiring and the need to be able to arrange have my favorite things surrounding me. Sometimes, what I'm arranging has nothing to do with the space, but is for a project.

As I learn and try new things, so does my space. If I find a great image from a magazine, I will cut it out with an x-acto knife and place it in my constantly changing frame next to my bed. Sometimes, I'll lay fabric out on my bed, or sit a beautifully designed bag on my chairmy space is never "complete" or "done", (a trait picked up directly from my Mom, who is also very creative) but I like it that way...

I love how some of these places do the same...the layered photography, so beautiful...the outfits on the mannequins...the little dress in image 04, that could have easily inspired the colors and look for the whole room. Some beautiful pieces for sure...and that lamp in the last photo is to die for!

I wish you a much inspired and delightful weekend~


  1. Enjoy having your own space -- it's such a pain to have to compromise on design because you live with someone else (even if you love that someone else). :)

    Happy weekend, Sarah!

  2. I love those shoes in the first photo. Have a great weekend.

  3. I have the most difficult time re-doing my room, bathroom and walk in. I started last summer and I have yet to finish. I suck at interior decorating... ugght,i sometimes wish I never started.

    Lately, I've been going into your blog's archive and look for inspiration that I could use to finish this impossible task.

    Your taste is always impeccable and I very admire that very much.

  4. Luscious rooms! My husband complains when I leave my dresses laying around the bedroom - I should start telling him it's part of the design and our bedroom is merely the canvass for my clothing :)

  5. I agree, Averill :) I'm enjoying all of the girly things I want to display for as long as possible~

    Beth, aren't they incredible? I want to wear them with a structured, steal grey silk dress.

    Marta, you are a complete sweetheart! I always see ways to improve, but that's the pure fun of it~

    Dottie, for certain! :)

    Hope you've had a delightful weekend!


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