Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sharp Contrasts/Smooth Surfaces

When I came across this modern and unusual dining room today, I knew I had to post it up! Thoughts? I would love to know what you think of this room overall as well as some of the details...It is quite striking, never the less. Do you like/dislike the over-sized and formal end chairs, mixed with the modern bench seating?

/image link/


  1. i like it, to look at. but there is no way i could live in a house like this. too stark. too chic hotel conference room.

  2. Sarah-This is stunning. I love the oversized formal black wing chairs. It would be too stark and modern without them.

  3. I love the chairs, mirror, and oversized black shades. I just wish the table/bench were glam enough to keep up with them! Would have also liked to see something other than stark white walls (a neutral tone-on-tone wallpaper would've been nice).

  4. wow, really spectacular! not for my home, but truly splendid, darling!

  5. I love the use of the light wood...very chic and finally making a come back...it's a beautiful orchestrated room

  6. Thanks for your comment!
    Love this look so much!


  7. It is modern, yet the traditional elements are there...wing backs, bench...just brought up a bit with modern touches! The size of the mirror is also a nice surprise and balances the light & dark color scheme.

  8. hi Sarah! i love it! the over sized chairs is what perfects it. it's like country chic meets modern. the black chairs and shades really compliment the light colored wood table. i also like the fact that the designer used wing back chairs, it brought a softness to the look. i love it! i wanted to say thank you for your kind birthday wish, thank you!

    God Bless,

  9. I'm loving the floor. I'm trying to figure out what kind/color wood to replace my upstairs with and I keep going back and forth between a color like this and bleached walnut. I also like the hit of black, and the chair look comfy although the table is not my taste. I think it would be a fun dining room to hang out in.


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