Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pinel & Pinel

Pinel & Pinel, of Paris, is a luxury travel trunk manufacturing company that produces such incredibly designed pieces. Handcrafted in the French luxury tradition, the exclusive pieces have been carefully crafted in re-interpretation of 1930's steamer trunks, "following the same idea as the Louis XVI secretaries with their secret drawers are ultra-contemporary, combining the latest technologies with carefully-selected, premium materials such as crocodile, shagree, and full grain leather."

Oh my. He creates trunks for travel, bike trunks, music trunks, picnic trunks, luggage, bags, jewelry boxes, and additional accessories. (such as bracelets for women) How adorable is that design for children?! Too cute!

Each is designed with travel in mind, particularly how people traveled in years past and how they will travel in the future. His collections are sold in trendy, high-end store such as Colette and le Royce (Paris), Victoire and Harrods (London), and Lane Crawford (Hong Kong).

/images and quote via their site/


  1. Flawless. I'm such a sucker for brightly colored insides though. I'm definitely going to have to see these in person when I'm in London next month (since a trip to Harrod's is always a "must", if only to gawk).

  2. Ah - I dream of travelling looking effortlessly chic followed by this luggage and a few hat boxes...

    how adorable is the children's trunk! And the little teddy bear handles? so sweet

  3. Like the rollin closets! Also, like the array of colors not only B & W.

  4. Sarah-Wow these are gorgeous-a high end alternative to Louis Vuitton.


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