Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New York Nat

I am quite taken with these romantic headbands, of New York Nat. I was thankful to receive an email this weekend, introducing me to the collection, as they are certainly topping my musthaves list for this year! I could see them working well with outfits for several occasions such as: weddings, Christmas parties, Easter celebrations, summer garden parties, or even for everyday wear...

These couture hair accessories are carefully designed, using the finest leather, silks, vintage brooches, and trimmings. My favorite is the second image! you have a favorite? I believe that you can contact the designer to have a custom headband created just for you, or, you can purchase them at Henri Bendel.

Have you seen these headbands? * I am hoping to go to Henri Bendel this weekend, and if I do, I promise to post some addition thoughts on Monday!*

/images and quote via her site/


  1. Sarah-Bendel's has the best hair accessories anywhere. Make sure if you buy one they put it in a round Bendel's hat box, or if too large, a square Bendel's box-the boxes are gorgeous too! Every time I go there, I get something fabulous. I love these, especially the last one with the pink bow-I am a pink girl!

  2. Thanks so much for the tips :) I will definitely do that! That one is really pretty - the image is quite small, so you might not have seen, but it reads "amour" on top as well...

  3. these are so gorgeous - i wish i lived in nyc - i would go buy them

  4. I love these headbands. They are so feminine and so beautiful.


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