Friday, June 26, 2009

A Cute Caravan

Perfect for summer, no? I want to pack my bags this weekend, and set out in this cute caravan... celebrate summer in nature, with a magazine and a lemonade :) I love what they have done with this little treasurethe curtains, table and chair, the little window, and of course, the colors! Hope you have a lovely weekend, friends!

/images link/


  1. Ok Sarah - somehow you snuck into my head and stole this darling little caravan! I was just admiring it the other day - isn't it fantastic? So glad you posted it :)

  2. Sarah-I'm sure you saw all the wonderful ones in Shed Chic.

  3. It's like a non-scary carnival! too cute.

  4. oh soooo beautiful yellow shades!
    do you really have a a Jack Russell? I loooove them! soo cute! hope you're having a great weekend!

  5. Definitely cute - I came across this via Cote Sud magazine, I believe, and thought it was precious. Then, the other day, I ran into these images again - what luck!


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