Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Birthday Book

Typically, I don't blog about such things, but I could not believe my find! Last week I posted about my predicament/major faux pas: my lack of recollection of birthday dates. This past week, I was visiting my favorite little authentic and nostalgic sweet shop, in search of chocolates, and I stumbled upon a cute, little book that is especially designed for recording birthday dates! The only problem with this book is that for each month, they feature a beautiful cake, which results in an immediate search for sweets!


  1. I just found your wonderful blog through Sanity Fair. It is visually stunning. Finding a new blog I love is like getting a present!

  2. That's so kind, thank you! I will definitely check your blog out as well :)

  3. Love these! My mom has had one of these birthday calendars ever since I can remember. She hangs in inside her closet door, and peeks at it when she's getting dressed in the morning.
    I try to write people's birthdays into my phone's address book, but it seems my mom's (and your) approach works a lot better!


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