Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Let me just say, despite all trends, (and I love when a man knows what's in/out) I think there's something so charming, sexy and elegant about a man in a well-tailored suit. (particularly one by Ermenegildo Zegna) I'm not sure what it is, but my knees become weak...what are your thoughts?

Mary Jo, at Trust Your Style, has created some great posts about men's fashions, in turn receiving some interesting feedback and thoughts from both men and women. be sure to check it out! Usually we women talk about our own preferences and styles, but it's nice to touch on masculine fashion.

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  1. That's quadriple for tuxedos - or military uniforms :) So glad you're able to see my blog again! Email me if you ever run into problems (not that I could fix them, but I can try!).
    Happy Wednesday :)

  2. I love men in suits...and there are of course many ways a man can look in a the casual linen, with a really nice t-shirt underneath, and nice linen pants for a casual look in summer, suits a rugged sort of guy...and then there's the look in your photos...very hot, no matter what age a man is :)

  3. I dress up seven days a week and love a man that likes to dress well. I love suits-Armani and Zegna, and also love a gorgeous dark blazer-black or navy, with a great linen or cotton shirt and slacks.

  4. Men in suits and cupcakes are two of my biggest weaknesses. A good looking man wearing a nice suit is such a pleasing visual.

  5. I totally forgot about linen suits...they look so romantic and I love then with a bright shirt!

  6. I love Ermenegildo Z. too! There's a store that my ex used to buy all his suits at and I always peek in whenever I pass by because I just love everything that's going on in there. And thank you for the mention too!


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