Monday, June 1, 2009

Pamper Your Guests

I love Veranda magazine the elegance and fine homes and furnishings. I particularly enjoyed this month's features, such as some great tips from tastemaker Carolyne Roehm on how to pamper one's guests...I thought they might be useful for this time of year! Do you have any tips of your own?

01 Fresh flowers are my signature in my guest rooms at Weatherstone, my home in Connecticut. In spring and summer, the flowers are from the garden. In colder months, I use flowering plants and ferns.

02 Dressing tables and desks add comfort. At the very least, I like a room to have a comfortable chair and an ottoman.

03 Keep good reading lights next to the bed. If lamps that match your decor are not adequate, stow a personal light, like the Itty Bitty Book Light, in a night table. (I believe this one is vital!)

04 An alarm clock is essential.

05 I keep a small flashlight in the room in case of the occasional power outage, which used to happen often at Weatherstone.

06 A small selection of books and magazines is a must.
07 A nice throw wards off a chill for an afternoon siesta.

08 Your personalized stationery is a lovely touch. I have mine printed with Weatherstone's house logo.

09 Along with notepads near the phone, keep nice pencils on hand rather than a hodgepodge of strays from a catchall drawer.

10 A scented candle — nothing too sweet or over- powering — freshens a room. Remember: Scent is very subjective.

11 Provide a basket of washed fruit and a covered plate of pretty cookies.

12 Bottled water or a carafe with a cup on top is a must.

13 I have a closet down the hall from my guest rooms that serves as a minibar, complete with a small fridge, glasses and a corkscrew. I stock it with red and white wines, Coke and Diet Coke and bottles of fizzy and flat water, as well as cookies and other little nibbles.

/tips and images via Veranda magazine/


  1. If you made house guests this comfortable, they'd never leave. ;)

  2. That's very, very true! MMmm, tasty treats, pretty little touches -- I'm there!

  3. Ooooh! I love that little cluster in the bottom left, very chic! I want those notecards...


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