Thursday, May 7, 2009

Obakki, Vancouver

Obakki, "an international design house that addresses a shifting attitude towards fashion. The collection offers a full range of separates with a rustic sense of luxury distinguished by its refined details and originality. What stands out: the women’s clothing is utterly feminine yet bold while the men’s collection is understated, rugged and masculine. Obakki men’s and women’s collections are the perfect juxtaposition -- elegant yet relaxed, refined yet rustic, polished yet casual. Each collection compliments the other yet stands alone in strength and style."

I quite like their local store! It's a carefree mix of modern luxe and natural elementsjust like Vancouver. Have you been or purchased from them before? Feel free to check out their online shop, here.

/images and quote via their site/


  1. I love the interiors of Obakki, designed by McFarlane Green Biggar out of North Van: / Enjoying these posts.

  2. Thanks so much, James! You have an abundance of great info! I will be sure to check out their work~

  3. I had a chance to check out their work and really like it! I am bookmarking them future reference* thanks again!

  4. I have not purchased from them before, but my curiosity is peaked. Gorgeous photos, beautiful clothes. I feel the need to peruse...

  5. I like the interiors & I am very pleased with the interiors and don’t feel like adding anything in it. Its perfect.
    North Vancouver Florist


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